Friday, August 6, 2010

I've got friends in LOW (High?) places :)

I have a friend, SUZIE who has generously invited us to come spend the weekend with her up in Grand Haven to celebrate the "Coast Guard Festival." (I believe that's what it is... correct me if I'm wrong Suz!)

Anyways, when she said we could stay at her house for the weekend, enjoy the beach, fireworks, carnivals, ice cream, etc. I said, "HECK TO THE YES."

So... its now Friday morning (the morning of our departure) and as usual I am scrambling around the house, making sure I've got everything packed and ready to go.

My sis, Emily and her friend will be dog/house sitting for the weekend and its all working out perfectly. I needed to get out of Jackson for a couple of days... driving past my parents house was/is getting pretty old.

Ryan and I aren't the most spontaneous people in the world (okay- I sort of am- Ryan, not so much). I am pretty shocked that he agreed to just take off on such short notice. But I'm not arguing... I'm packing & going with it!

I'll update when we get back (on Sunday) with pics and stories :) Happy weekend!

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Angie B said...

have a great time!