Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank GOD for our "Rainy Day Fund"

Ryan and I were planning on doing sommmmething for our anniversary... but really we weren't sure what. We tossed around the idea of camping... Mackinaw... Sandusky...but ultimately decided to just settle for dinner on our anniversary (July 1st). The past few days have been less than desirable here at the house... fleas combined with... LIFE in general kind of melted me into a pile of goo this morning.

Ryan said "Look for a cheap hotel, we're getting outta here." THANK YOU RYAN and THANK YOU RAINY DAY FUND :) Because I desperately need away from the house for a bit. These fleas are making my skin itch (figuratively and literally) and I need a break from technology. So.... we're off- just for the night. The Hilton in Auburn Hills shall be our home away from home tonight. We're planning on eating at Rainforest... doing a little shopping & letting Maeve play in that indoor amusement park thing. Ultimately, it will be great to get away and clear my head. Prepare for the week to come & refocus on what really matters :)

Ryan's made me promise some changes come Sunday. And I'm more than willing to oblige. Enough's enough :)

I will summarize & post pics of our one night get away tomorrow evening! :)

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Dominica said...

Happy Anniversary!!!