Sunday, June 27, 2010

my ODE to Ryan.

First let me say... sometimes I have a little blog vomit- meaning "stuff" just comes spilling out when I don't mean it to. The last post "Funk 101" was blog vomit. After posting it, I realized I don't really want the world to know about our financial & family issues. So... that's that.

Anyways... onto my ODE to Ryan! :) It's been awhile since I've blogged about HIM. And SOLEY HIM. With our anniversary a few days away, I figured tonight is a good night.

I love this guy.

I really, really love him.

I love him because he changes diapers like its his job.

I love him because he goes to work every morning to a job that he hates in order to provide for our family.

I love him because he looks up to my dad.

I love him because he gives me my medicine with a glass of water and a kiss every single night.

I love him because he understands that I sleep diagonally across the bed.

I love him because he picks my clothes up off the floor.

I love him because he knows I try my hardest.

I love him because he has the same goal in life to live like Jimmy Buffett.

I love him because he corners me at random times and says "You know I love you, right?"

I love him because he takes showers before he comes to bed.

I love him because he touches the garbage for me so I don't have to :)

I love him because he thinks I'm beautiful.

I love him because he wants me to be happy at ALL times.

I love him because he listens to my crazy ideas of selling everything we own and moving to Hawaii and living off the land :)

I love him because he wants 4 children (well secretly he wants 6... he just won't come out and say it yet :)

I love him because he has a passion for music and sometimes at night when he thinks I'm sleeping I hear him playing and practicing his guitar... and SOMETIMES I can even hear a lyric or two he's working on... and he's great.

I love him because I bust his chops about the guitar and he takes it gracefully :)

I love him because he eats whatever the heck I cook.

I love him because even if its a burnt piece of cheese I put on his plate he smiles and says "this was great babe."

I love him because he wears the moby wrap.

I love him because he's wrapped around Maeve's finger.

I love him because he still kisses me when I have coffee breath :)

I love him because he understands that I have severe insomnia and sometimes it requires me playing cell phone games or typing away on the computer at 3 AM.

I love him because when I'm preggo he sleeps on the couch.

I love him because he lets me open the windows when its raining- even though it gets either incredibly cold or incredibly hot in the house.

I love him because I've brought home a bird and fish and he hasn't left me yet. :)

I love him because he told me he likes to hold hands with our fingers crossed best. :)

I love him because he sleeps on the bum pillows :) haha... sorry bub.

I love him because he thinks I can do anything.

I love him because he keeps me sane.

I love him because when we share dessert I eat the chocolate part (like the brownie) and he eats the ice cream.

I love him because we like to analyze song lyrics and apply them to our life.

I love him because he does that towel snapping thing at me that I secretly pretend to hate... but really like :)

I love him because he can fall asleep in 2 seconds flat.

I love him because he calls at least three or four times a day just to say "hi."

I love him because of his oral hygiene. This guy goes to the dentist more than any other person I know... just to get his teeth cleaned.

I love him because he loves every sport on the planet and is so passionate about it.

I love him because he has seriously seen every single gross thing a human (ME) could possibly imagine- and yet, he still thinks I'm attractive.

I love him because he buys me tampons, coca cola cake and gossip magazines when I'm on my period :)

I love him because sometimes he calls and says "don't cook- lets go out tonight."

I love his "butt chin" :)- that Henry inherited :)

I love that he pretends that he doesn't like my fancy Keurig coffee cups... yet he has one every morning :)

I love that he doesn't care what he wears and I can pack a suitcase for him.

I love that we match sometimes. (he hates this... or claims to hate it... but I am pretty sure he secretly loves it)

I love that he likes sweet candy... like starbursts and skittles. It just makes me laugh :)

I love that he lets me commandeer the remote control

I love that he comes home from work excited to tell me funny stories.

I love that even with all my quirks and "going half-mad" days he still loves me.

Gosh.... how to even sum up this post? I feel like if I stop the list, than that is everything I love about Ryan. Not true. I could go on forever. But I'm sure you guys are already overdosed on sap.

Ryan is such a trooper. I've been a P-I-T-A this past week. I know it. I fullllllly admit that. And yeah, Ryan does get annoyed with me... I think he DID say this morning "Ash what's the problem? You've been snapping at me since you woke up." (haha whoops.... I do tend to snap here and there :) But he handles me. He knows what I want and what I need. And although he can't always give me what I want... he gives me what I think I need. (and yes- that's sort of a Jack Johnson song/lyric :)...) But its so true. I am so blessed to have him as my partner in this crazy life. He's the best. Truly the best.

And, well... I LOVE HIM! :)


Kase and Jules said...

Um you are darling Ash. Sounds like you have a goooood man :) So glad for that. I love seeing happy little marriages!

Jessy Schoch said...

He's defiantly a keeper :) Your one of the lucky girls that has found herself a great man!! I've been married to one for almost 11 years (yikes) and they only continue to love you more :) Hope you guys have a great anniversary!!

Jessica Perry said...

Awww, that post was great. And, it confirms what I always say...Ryan seems like such a good guy! You two are a great pair. Happy Anniversary (in a few days)!!

Becky said...

great post! happy anniversary!!!

Angela said...

I pray I will have a love like your some day. You are an amazing couple, parents, and friends. Can't believe its been 4 years already! C

Angie said...

It just confirmed my suspicions, he's simply wonderful:) You truly blessed to have such a great family. Happy early Anniversary!

Dominica said...

lol I love booyt chins too. I don't know how Joe has his but I secretly hoped that all my children would have that. That was a very sweet post Ash. You can definitely can feel the love!

Jessica said...

That's a really great post. I need to do one about my man one of these days. I often wonder if anyone has a love like he and I do, and it's great to know that there are other people in the world who love each other wholly like we do.