Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am too tired to compile a neat, nicely written post. BUT I do have things to say... nothing important... just things to document I guess.

-I am in love with my garden. It's a small garden. No- like, REALLY small. The size of a bathroom stall- no joke. BUT I am growing some beautiful things in there (and in pots/planters around the house). Yellow & butternut squash is growing GREAT. Zucchini is forming as I type... we pick about 3 strawberries a day (although I have to say that plant isn't looking too hot...) we have one teeny tomato starting to form. Yellow peppers are getting HUGE... Cucumbers, eggplant, broccoli and green beans are all planted... nothing major to report yet- just leaves :) The pumpkins and cantelope are blooming as well. WOW :) You have no idea how accomplished I feel! :)

-losing weight is a losing battle. While out for dinner the other night with friends, I told them "I cut out alcohol because its wasted calories." I then ordered a "skinny" margarita and boneless buffalo wings. Nice.

-Maeve was showing a LOT of interest in the potty and even used it a few times but has since completely backed off. I am seriously not pushing it. I'm knee deep in Henry's diapers... not much of a difference being elbow deep in Maeves as well.

-we got a new laptop today :) a Toshiba. It's big & nice. I like it. Although I'm waiting for an external hard drive until I boot the new one all up.

-Have I ever mentioned my obsession with bedding? I can't stop buying it. We seriously have about 5 complete bedsets. I love new sheets and comforters. Anyways... I found a "Dwell Studio" set at Target on clearance for 22 bucks- its beautiful and I just couldn't resist. I am snuggled in it right now. It feels heavenly.

-Henry doesn't sleep. Well- he cat naps- but that's it. And its kind of driving me nuts. I'm sure this is the 1000 time I've posted that same exact sentence. But JEEZ OH PETES. I am about to pull my hair out. I can't get a dang thing done around the house because every time I lay him down he's up 10 minutes later. It's nuts. Sleep kid! Sleep!

-We're trying to teach Maeve to say "no sir; yes sir; no mam; yes mam" It comes out sounding like "no shirr" and "no man." haha :)

-you should all go out and buy a box of skinny cow mint chocolate truffle bars. They're 100 calories and pure bliss. Do it. Go now.

-I watched "Shutter Island" by myself the other night and am STILL wondering about it. Stupid movie... I can't figure out what I really think of the ending... hmmm.. any input on that???

-I have been SWAMPED with photography! WOAH BABY :) It's been awesome getting all the experience but I've been spending my nights editing... and my eyes burn in the morning. Still though, I have the passion to learn... therefore I will trudge on :) ...not really trudging because I love it so much... but I am a perfectionist and I can point out a zillion things in every single picture I take that irritate me.

-I've been thinking of Maeve's 3rd birthday (already...I know) and I think I want to do "Alice & Wonderland." I'm hoping to leave the trippy drug theme out of it though... just sticking with the colors & white rabbit stuff :)

-My next acupuncture appt. can't come soon enough. I slept amazingly the first few nights after I got it done. I want to sleep like that again!!! :)

-I have moldy strawberries in my fridge that I refuse to touch... therefore they sit. And at 11:30 PM I am thinking about them, rotting and contaminating the rest of the veggies & fruit... thinking of waking Ryan up to dispose of them... :)

-gymboree is having its semi annual sale and that just spells "TROUBLE" for me. I won't throw out numbers, but ummm... I've earned a lot of gymbucks. The PLUS side is that both of my kids are set for fall and winter. :)

-Does it bug you when your toe nails catch on the sheets? It drives me bonkers. Like I have to get out of bed, clip them, file them down so they're all smooth. Hmmm...

*****told you this would be super random!******

-I finally cracked and spent 20 bucks on "The Lion King." Not a big deal- 20 bucks- but normally I would wait for a sale or a coupon or something... however, Disney is brilliant and they only release their movies a few at a time. Who knows when the next time they'll release "The Lion King." I found it used on Amazon for 20... and I think I'm more excited to watch it than Maeve is ;)

-I want to go strawberry picking... and I think we're going to next week. just gotta set a date.

I think I'm out of random thoughts... it felt good to write them all down :)

everyone should do a "random rambling" post!


Katie said...

I hear ya on the weight thing...and I hate to tell you this, but it feels like w/ each pregnancy the weight takes loooonger and looonger to come off! I finally STOPPED dieting, just trying to eat lots of fruits & veggies....miraculously lost 3 lbs.!! Don't beat yourself up, you're a Mom w/ 2 small babes, it's hard to dedicate ourselves to looking our best, when all our focus is on our kids right now...kwim.:P **Must try the mint truffles**, where did you find em'?? Please don't tell me Walmart... :0 !!

Ashley said...

nope Meijers- but I think that Walmart does sell them too! :) They're the "Skinny Cow" brand- 100 cals per bar. YUM

The Paulk's said...

some of my favorite posts are your random ones...haha, love how you think :)!

Angie B said...

yes love reading ur blogs :)