Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On The Fourth Day of Disney...

Yes, 4th day- but can I be super random for a sec?

Let me just vent my frustration about my 2 year olds eating habits because I'm about to lose my marbles. First, let me say, she gets candy, sweet stuff, "yummy" stuff all the time- so in no way am I expecting my 2 year old to eat like an adult ALL the time- I understand she's a kid, she likes bad "kid" food stuff and I'm not going to waste time freaking out about that. BUT- is it too much for me to expect her to eat healthy like 75% of the time??? And I'm not shoving lettuce and spinach down her throat- its GOOD healthy- like I just spent a good 20 minutes chopping up strawberries, avocado, cheese, and walnuts- YUM, right? I handed her the plate and she immediately asked for "CHEETOS." UGHHH... she's going to turn into a cheeto. Anyways, I'm thinking the reason why she doesn't like the healthy stuff is because she's had a taste of the bad stuff- kind of like with Mr.Man right now: Start him off with veggies, let him get a good taste for that and THEN start on the yummy, sweet fruits. The problem is, the damage is done with Maeve... so now what??? I can't stand the thought of all the processed junk going into her body. YUUUUUCK. Anyways... that's my bit of randomness.

I believe this day was Saturday... if not, I apologize- I'm already forgetting my vacay!

Saturday, my mom and grandma were due to come and SAVE us from some of the duties that go along with taking your kids to Disney... (like I was PRAYING my mom would maybe sit in the room with Henry & Maeve and let Ryan and I sit out by the pool TOGETHER- which she did :)

We got up early, because my mom & gma weren't coming until late afternoon (around 3) and we wanted to get something done in the morning. The MK had an extra magic hour (for those of us staying on Disney property) so we took advantage of that. Again, we tore UP the MK! :) I don't remember exactly which rides we went on, but I know we got a LOT in, in just the few hours we were there.

I was also able to get a few treats to bring back to my mom & gma. Here's a tip & confession: The rice crispy treats that WDW sells on Main Street USA are so delicious. I am addicted to them and I can eat an insane amount of them. And sorry to rat mom out, but she is addicted as well. On this particular day, they were FRESH out of the oven (or whatever the cook them in- ) they were HOT. And they were layered in peanut butter and chocolate. And I was in heaven. And I bought 4 of them at 5.00 a pop. And let me say again, I was in heaven. :)

We left the MK around 1 or so? Got back to the hotel, swam off the heat and ickies from the park and put the kids down for a nap. Ummmm for some reason I way under packed for this trip- normally I OVER pack. Not this time though. We needed clothes bad! We decided that whoever did the laundry also got the privilege to be out of the hotel room and next to the pool- I think it was the one time in my life that I DEMANDED I do the laundry :) HAHA :)

Ryan stayed and napped with the kiddos, I went off with the laundry and to wait for my mom to arrive. After two loads of clothes and some AWESOME kid-free pool time, my mom and gma came. I was SO excited to have them there! We all were! It was such a treat- especially to see my gma. We rarely see her these days and to have her come to Disney with ALL of us was so great :)

Disney was nice enough to put them in a room 7 doors down from ours. It was tons of fun (and very convenient) to keep our doors ajar and run back and forth. When they arrived, my grandma told us she made reservations at the Fort Wilderness Lodge for dinner... WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Ryan and I were totally prepared and ready to be quick-service dining the entire time- we were SO excited to have a nice dinner!!! :)

I am pretty sure, hands down, Saturday night was the best night of our vacation. We packed up all the gear needed to sustain a baby and a 2 year old for 6-8 hours and left our hotel. We rode to the Magic Kingdom and hopped on a water taxi which took us to the Fort Wilderness Lodge. It brought back tons of bitter-sweet memories for me to be there again- it was the first place we vacationed with Maeve and the hotel that my family stayed at (most of the time) when I was growing up. I thought I was really digging the "Pop Century" resort until I stepped on the grounds of the Ft. W. Lodge! I seriously was wishing we would've just dropped an extra what- like 150/night? :) on a different hotel! :)

We had reservations at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME food. Have you ever been to Ed Debevick's (sp) in Chicago? Well picture that- except with a Western/Disney twist! The kids got to do a pony round up and ride around the restaurant on wooden ponies. Some guy across the room from us asked for a bottle of ketchup and the waitress shouted "THIS GUY NEEDS SOME KETCHUP!!! Bring him your bottle!" And all the tables got up to give the guy his ketchup- I think he ended up with 30 bottles or so! :) Anyways, its good fun & like I said, really GOOD food!

After dinner, we took advantage of being at such a beautiful resort. We sat out on the beach for awhile- Maeve was having a ball in the sand. I was watching a photographer shoot someones engagement (guessing- it could've been post-wedding/honeymoon) pics and secretly laughing at all the funny poses he was making them do :) Henry was content as could be watching MaeMae play & Ryan, my mom and grandma were enjoying good conversation on the lounge chairs. It was so peaceful :)

After the beach, we let Maeve play in the pool (which like everything about the Lodge) was way nicer/better than our (Pop Century) kiddie pool. We got to see the big geyser erupt which is always exciting :) And then we hopped BACK on the water taxi and took it over to "The Contemporary."

OMG- is all I can say about THAT resort. I wanted to sleep on the dang floor! It is incredible on the inside- my fam has stayed there before and we've had plenty of dinner reservations there but I suppose this was my first time really exploring the hotel (being old enough to remember it and all). It's just fabulous- and definitely will be the resort I want to stay at next time we're there.

From the "Contemporary" we took the monorail to the "Polynesian"- ONCE AGAIN- incredible resort... very jealous of those who have enough money to stay there!! :) We used their beach, and pool AGAIN :) haha- whoops :) BUT we did eat dessert at "The Kona Cafe" so its not like we just randomly showed up at the resort to play :) We had timed it PERFECTLY to get to the Poly right before the electrical parade on the water and the fireworks show over the MK. That's the other awesome thing about staying at one of the really nice, expensive resorts- you can see ALL the action ALL the time. We sat on the beach for the parade & fireworks...

SADLY, we had to leave the Poly and go back to the Pop Century (I am just kidding about being for REAL sad- we were blessed to be at Disney at all! I just like to dream big :)

All in all, it was a suuuper fun day and an ever better night. If you wind up at Disney, and don't have a thing to do in the evening (which would be kind of crazy- since you are at Disney, after all!) consider hotel hopping! I know its not really "allowed" per say, but I figure if you eat at the restaurants and use their transportation all is well :) So make a reservation at a really nice resort, use their facilities and live it up for a night!

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The Paulk's said...

Here's my take on the whole food issue: If's it's not in the house they can't eat it :)! and she won't let herself starve!! Good luck, we all struggle with those kid issues!