Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can I Turn to You?

Taking a quick break from Disney posts... I have insomnia again. My husband has resorted to sleeping out on the couch because I can't turn off the computer/TV/blackberry. Not because I'm addicted to anything in particular or talking with anyone but because I CANNOT SLEEP. I have waves of thought streaming through my brain... I wish I had an "off" button. But sadly, I don't. So, I am turning to the blog, to you to get some thoughts out and perhaps, just maybe I can type myself to sleep. Highly doubtful but worth a try.

-Yesterday afternoon I DVR'd an episode of Dr.Phil- normally he drives me nuts and I avoid his shows at all costs but I was running out of DVRd shows and I needed to make sure I had SOMETHING to watch at 3 AM. Anywho, back to the show. I ended up watching it around midnight or so- Ryan was once again on the couch- but this time it was because Henry was up and making noise and he felt like he could sleep better out in the living room...hmmm :) The show was about animal abuse- normally its not a title that would grab my attention- not that I'm NOT interested in animal abuse or rather, the prevention of animal abuse, its just not a HUGE interest of mine... like if the show would've been on anorexia or cancer or cheating scandals (haha-trashy I know) I would've been more excited to watch it. So where am I going with all of this? I was GLUED to the dang TV. Like fast forwarding through the commercials at lightening speed to get to the next segment- I was so appalled and taken aback by the way some people out there treat animals. I guess I had no clue how much abuse was really going on. I still obviously think child abuse takes precedence to animal abuse, however, its nonetheless pretty sickening. SO sickening, that I went out to the living room and dragged my 50 lb sleeping boxer back to the bedroom and made her snuggle with me. I scratched her ears and gave her a little head rub... and then I fell asleep dreaming about living on a farm (yes, this is a common dream) and adopting a few dogs. Hmmm... we shall see.

-I am photographing a birth tomorrow morning/afternoon/?evening? And I'm scared out of my brain. It's a good friend (ANGIE :) and I know she's going to do great but I'm nervous about seeing her in pain- seeing too much!?!? and missing PRIME-NEVER-GET-BACK moments. I love, love, love photography and I am loving all the practice I'm getting in with friends and family and I LOVE that Angie has entrusted me to capture these precious moments- but I am so intimidated! I am by NO MEANS a pro- but I'm going to give it my best shot. (hey- no pun intended! :) Not sure if Angie's going to post any of the pics or not... but if she does, I will make sure to post a few here... and I'm also planning on putting together a slide show for her- again, if she decides to share it, I will be sure to share it with you all also...

-Ryan got me a memory foam pillow for mothers day. To be fair, I asked for it (not for mothers day) but just randomly said "I want that." To be honest- its giving me a terrible neck ache. But I feel too bad to tell him :)

-I am beaming- BURSTING with pride. Maeve had her ballet pictures today and though she didn't POSE per say, she DID do her dances! And that's the really important part, right?? She is getting to be so big... I can hardly take it. I find myself listening to super sappy songs in the car and bawling my eyes out thinking about how my BABIES are growing too fast. Along with an "off" button for my brain, I'd also like a "pause" button on my kids :)

-speaking of my kids- here are some quick updates on both of them:
Maeve- boo boo queen. I've even started calling her "boo boo." Maybe its because she's been outside more and therefore, more active? I have no clue- but this past week she has managed to get a black eye (stick fighting with Sammie), a bruised back (falling off the side of the couch) and a bent back toe nail (stubbed it on Lord knows what). She kind of looks like she's been through a battle.
Mr. Man isn't doing too hot- well his roseola IS better- but his skin continues to be a problem. We aren't controlling it with the steroid creams which isn't good... we take him back in a couple of weeks to have his trunk looked at again (the eczema has spread to over 90% of his body) and if its still bad, we'll be referred up to the U. Half of me wants to go up there so maybe we can get SOME sort of help- I really had no clue how big of a deal eczema was- I think I've said it a thousand times before, that I thought it was just dry skin... but apparently when its covering such a large surface area, the risk of infections goes way up. And of course there's the whole scarring issue. He has 2 really bad spots on his hands that are literally pussing and blistering as we speak- they're AWFUL looking. We put a glove on him at night ( a baby glove, mind you:) but it always comes off in the morning and he's sucking on those spots again. Ughhh I know there are many, MANY worse things in life... I'm just sleep deprived and complaining.

-I miss Disney. I miss FL. I want another vacation. I asked Ryan if we could go on a Disney cruise. He said if I could find one for 50 bucks we're in. Guess its not happening anytime soon.

-I feel so blessed- my life has really rounded out lately. I have my two beautiful, healthy children, my wonderful husband, my amazing family, my house is in order (for the most part...), and what's really rounded out my world are my new girlfriends. They're not really NEW- I've known them for awhile now, but I guess we've just recently started hanging out (occasionally!) without the kids- and we've started talking about deeper issues than who's kid had the biggest poo. I treasure their friendship- I swear, some days just getting a phone call or a message from one of them, keeps me sane for the day! :) Jess, Les, Angie, Angela, Suz you guys rock :)

-Someone needs to ban me from watching "Monsters Inside Me" and "River Monsters." Really.

Alright... I think that about does it for my random ramblings. I am actually tired now... maybe just maybe... I....can...sleeeeeep....


Jessica Perry said...

Awww, I'm so thankful for our friendship!! So Angie's having the baby today?!!! How exciting!

Jessica Perry said...

Oh, one more thing...DON'T MOVE!

Kase and Jules said...

Melatonin :) GO to the health food store and get some! Loved this post, you are hilarious.

Leslie Collins said...

I second the DON'T MOVE motion!
Love ya, too!