Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're Going For It!

Big news here! This morning when I was checking my email, UP popped a letter from DISNEY offering us a 6 night/7 day package. I looked at it just to ya know, check it out- turns out Disney is running a new offer of a 6/7 day/night package where you get a $300.00 gift card with the purchase of this package. I did a little math and found out that for an extra ONE HUNDRED dollars we can stay for 3 extra days AND get a 7 day hopper- WHAT SAY WHAT????

Uh huh! Soooo... right now Ryan is on the phone with the folks down at Disney, switching our previous reservation from April 27th-May 1st, to April 27th- May FOURTH! An ENTIRE week at Disney. I am so excited I think I could do a back flip! :)

So my friends, if you're looking for a FABULOUS Disney deal- now is the time to book! The offer is up on their site, and it's truly a great package.

Okay... yes... super excited... and now the countdown is ON!!!!

6 weeks! 6 weeks!


Mallory said...

so I had your blog open today during lunch, and left it up apparently cause when all the kids came in, they were like "who's baby is that! ahhh," so I projected it up so they could see, and they asked her name...and remembered Maeve was the one I went to the treehouse with from my story in writers workshop a looong time ago :) they were so funny, they kept saying how cute your kids are. so, long story short, now henry and mae are famous in first grade :)

Dominica said...

Good for you lady..I think I'm going to be visiting Disney sooner than I think since Benjamin is going around saying "I love Mittie Mouse"-yeah whatever dude. So you'll have to give me tips on where to go and not go and where to stay etc