Monday, March 1, 2010

"High Five"

High 5
A quiz for all of you if you feel like posting it… courtesy of Nicole.

5 family members you can't live without?
Ryan, Maeve, Henry, Mom & Dad

5 girlfriends you can't live without?
I have six :)...Ang, Suz, both my sissy's, Jess P. and Mal

5 foods you can’t live without?
Bread, cheese, wine (does that count?), cake, peanut butter

5 favorite movies?
"50 First Dates", "Spanglish", "Forrest Gump", "There's Something About Mary",
"Wedding Crashers"

5 favorite TV shows?
20/20, Dateline, Trauma Life in the ER, Mystery Diagnosis, Critical Hour

5 biggest pet peeves?
-bad B.O. (wash your armpits people :)
-women who have kids but continue their "non-kid" lifestyle
-cheaters (Jon Gosselin, ZACK MILLER, etc. etc.)
-the obsession this country has with OBAMA & his wife... I'm way over it.

5 places you have visited and loved?
Hmmm... FLORIDA? Colorado, Hawaii, Boston, Bahamas

5 places you want to visit?
St. Lucia, New York, Texas (I want to see a Cowboys game:), the Keys, some place out West... like Montana...

5 memories that you will never forget:
the births of my babies :), my wedding, our honeymoon, 9/11

5 things you love about your house/location?
-the neighborhood
-the actual location- we're right in town but not RIGHT in town...
-our bedroom
-my kitchen
-we live less than a mile from my parents :)

5 things you wish you could change about your house/location?
ONE thing- I'd pick it up and move it to Florida :) St. Augustine, to be exact.

5 projects you are working on or want to accomplish this year?
-learning how to sew (better:)
-learning how to photograph (better:)
-organizing the basement
-oh....and moving???

5 material possessions you can’t live without? .
Computer, camera, car, purse (the contents in it), my meds :)

5 reasons you blog?
-to remember everything...
-to share our lives with my far away fam & friends
-to get some free therapy :)


Angela said...

I love your pet peeve comment...I have such a great best friend. Always sticking up for me. What would I do without you????!!!!!

The rest of the "5's" were great too, except I will be very sad when you move :(

Dominica said...

aha I'm loving that remark...people who have children but continue their single lifestyle...I know someone like that but who am I to judge right? Don't laugh..I just saw "Wedding Crashers" this summer...hilarious! I have a crush on Vince Vaughn---oh yeah babe lol anyway who's Zack Miller and you're moving...geesh that sucks...Soooo wanted to invite you and the gang to our famous bbq's :-(