Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (or Sunday...)

Here's what's on our menu! We're trying to save money for our big Disney trip coming up in April, so we're using a lot of foods from our stockpile (pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned foods, etc.) All I'm buying this week are meats, cheese and veggies.

Monday: Mexican Hotdish (this has quickly become a staple... too easy & too good!) w/ yellow rice

Tuesday: Chicken Parm. in crockpot (again a fam. fave- and we use sauce & pasta from stockpile) w/ salad.

Wed: Tuna Melts (does it get any easier?)

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday: Out to eat

Saturday: Chicken Pesto Pizza

Sunday: Dinner at my parents

What's your menu plan??? Give me some new ideas!!!!!! :)


Dominica said...

Monday-Sloppy Joes w/fake mac n cheese and fresh broccoli, blue jello with pears

Tuesday-Corn beef(crock), cabbage with red onion and hickory smoke bacon and cornbread

Wednesday-pork roast with potatoes and carrots(crock for sure)Corn bread of course-A cake but not sure what kind yet

Thursday-Ckn and vegatable lasagna w white sauce

Friday-Backwards day (fam fave) eat left overs for breakfast and breakfast of whatever they like for din. lately grits cooked in butter and milk and sugar with sausage,eggs and raisin bread toast
They really like pizza from Sam's on Fri's

Sat-whatever they like...soup and sands or that disgusting fake mac. I'm usually I short order cook that day

Sun-grilled chicken, wild rice and pan seared spinach with garlic and olive oil and of course a cake!

The Paulk's said...

2/14 Sunday: Stuffed Shells, broccoli, garlic bread
2/15 Monday: Homemade Chicken Fingers, homemade scalloped potatoes, fresh rolls
2/16 Tuesday: Cheesy potato soup, peas
2/17 Wednesday: leftovers
2/18 Thursday: Chicken Parmesan in crockpot (I'm trying your recipe!!), pasta, veggies
2/19 Friday: Salisbury steak, gourmet sweet potato casserole, corn
2/20 Saturday: French Toast, eggs, bacon
2/21 Sunday: Baked Ziti, bread, veggies
Dessert: Chocolate Éclair
Bread: Coffee Cake, banana muffins

Leslie Collins said...

I just got a recipe for crockpot potato soup. I am going to make it this week and will let you know how it is.