Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update On the Queen of the Night.

Maeve- aka, "Queen of the night" has been doing *OKAY* in her re-adjusted big girl bed (we just turned her crib into a daybed). She stays in her room just fine- the problem? She's up off and on most of the night. It's actually quite humorous. In the middle of the night we'll (let me rephrase that- I WILL) hear the light flick on and then a few thump, thump, thumps. After about 15-20 minutes the light will turn back off and things will be quiet again. Hilarious kid. :) Let me also mention that it is now truly impossible to keep her room cleaned. We used to wait until she fell asleep at night, transfer her to our room and then clean up her room. NOW, since she is up in the middle of the night PLAYING, the room is constantly messy. Blah. She also likes to fall asleep in her "Rose Petal Cottage" and on her Tinkerbell couch. Basically every time we open the door its a guess as to what we're going to find. Here are some pics from the past couple of days of Maeve's nighttime adventures. :)

This was during nap time...

Sad, sad... "Make Way For Ducklings" one of my all time fave. books was found torn up on the floor this morning. :(

Hurricane Maeve...

"HI MOM! Look what I did to my room last night!"

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Leslie Collins said...

hahahaha...Reyna used to fall asleep in random spots in her room when we first moved her to a big girl bed. : )