Monday, January 4, 2010

Meijers in a Nutshell.

Arrived at approx. 11:30 AM. Loaded up Maeve, Henry, my coffee and my coupon book into the cart and raced through the blizzard that decided to hit Jackson County this morning, and into Meijers. Henry was screaming and Maeve was trying to climb out by the time I reached the produce section. Great. Racing around like a complete madwoman, I somehow accomplished most of my shopping. But not without having to pull out two packs of fruit snacks and a huge, sticky grape sucker. Unfortunately, none of those items were what she wanted. What she REALLY desired was a NUK- which I had completely forgot to grab from the car. Off to the baby section we went- I opened a pack of nuks, gave her one- only to hear her say to me, "TWO NUKS." Sigh.... Off we went to shopping for groceries again... in between grabbing things off the shelf and out of the cart and opening said items, Maeve also enjoyed taking Henry's nuk (even though she had 2 brand new nuks herself) or pinching his cheeks, poking his eyeballs, really anything to tick him off. After what seemed like 3 days of standing in line, it was finally out turn to check out. As I'm loading things onto the belt, Maeve snatched the container of bread crumbs, opened the lid and DUMPED them onto the ground. Give me a break. I apologized to the cashier and asked if there was anyway someone could grab me another container. Yea for great Meijer employees- I got my bread crumbs without having to venture back out into the store. Not TWO seconds after the poor maintenance woman swept up the bread crumbs did I turn around to the sound of Maeve's GIANT purple sucker shattering on the floor. HOLY COW KID. Once again, apologized to the cashier, who then called the maintenance woman back over to clean up our mess. FINALLY after my stack of coupons had been scanned and groceries were loaded up we made our way out of the store. Of course we had to stop and ride the dang pony- because Maeve was so well behaved, right?

We made it back to the car and all I wanted to do was high tail it home. Unfortunately I high-tailed it a little too much and ended up taking out our neighbor's mailbox.

What a day.

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Angie B said...

oh dear ashley :/ lol u have such amazing stories. :)