Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on the KIDS :)

This past week has been spent playing with and organizing all the toys Maeve & Henry got for Christmas. By far, Maeve's favorite "toy" was given to her by my grandma, her "Gigi." It's this light up jewelry box that is FULL of "pretty-fulls." Maeve takes each and every bracelet on and off, one by one. It's adorable to watch... and again, makes me feel so blessed to have a girl- and a girly girl at that! :)

My BOY is doing some new things lately too- check out Henry's latest and greatest accomplishments:
Here's Henry mastering the art of screaming for more milk.

Here's the dude working so hard to lift up that big noggin of his.

Henry threatening his first punch... and thinking "Maeve if you take my nuk one more time..." :)

And he's of course, practicing the art of lounging on the couch & watching football.

I am having such a blast with these two- even on the hardest days, I go to bed feeling like I am the luckiest woman alive. :)


Kase and Jules said...

He is the cutest thing I have EVER seen :) Maeve rules too. What a girly girl! LOL.

Ang said...

hehe cuties...

The Paulk's said...

Henry is getting so big already!

Don't you just LOVE having a girl?! Mine spends all of her day in a princess dress, heals and a tiara :). So fun!