Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the winner is....

Poster #.....ONE! I used this number picker and #1 was the lucky number! Nicole you will receive an array of random household goodies :) PM me on facebook your address and I'll get it out tomorrow (or maybe Thursday:)

Thank you ALL for each one of your questions- I now have some new inspiration for posts! I am planning on answering each question in a different post- so that's 16 posts :) HOORAY! And don't worry... if you've seen my stockpile, there will be many more give-aways!

For now... here are some "little" things to look at:

It's funny how when you become a mom, these "little things" like your baby's ear, the wrinkles in his fingers or the pout of his lips become the most beautiful things you've ever seen. Every time my babies are sleeping I stare in awe... I am pretty confident its something I will never get over. :)

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