Friday, December 4, 2009

Things To Remember.

I keep meaning to write this post- I didn't keep a baby book with Henry, but instead blogged about my prenatal visits, pregnancy ups & downs, belly pics, etc. I know I already blogged about Henry's birth story, but I didn't add in all the *special* moments, people and memories that I don't ever want to forget. With that said.....

*My awesome nurse Michelle Scott (she's Dr. Scott's wife actually!). She was amazing and truly my lifeline. It's funny that you rely so much on complete strangers during your labor. I probably won't ever see her again, but I'll always have a warm spot for her. She was great :)

*After my water was broken I stood up to go to the bathroom and there was a FLOOD- then in a panic I ran to the bathroom leaving a giant water path in my wake. I was too embarrassed to call the nurse to have her come clean up the giant mess so Ryan got on his hands and knees to clean up the spill. I sat on he bed laughing hysterically (in between contractions of course:)

*Dr. P & the nurse came in to break my water. After he broke it, Michelle asked if I was going to want an epidural anytime soon. Feeling brave and *OKAY* I said "No... not yet." Two seconds after she left the room, I got my first post-water breaking contraction and instantly regretted my response to her question. Next time she was in the room I was BEGGING for an epi!

*The moment I realized that my epidural actually worked this time- PRICELESS! haha :)

*Walking the halls for what seemed like hours (but was really only 45 minutes?) and hearing a girl screeeeaming her lungs out in a room. I started crying and had to go back to our room- I think I was seriously considering boycotting the whole induction and making an escape! :)

*When the nurse came in to check me after I got my epi- I was 7 cm. and she told me that if I feel the urge to push to make sure and let her know. I said okay. She left the room and I felt the urge to push- Ryan ran out and got her, she came back in, checked me, and said "you're ready!" What a great moment!

*When Henry came out and Dr.P put him on me- I thought he was a teeny 6 lbr. again. After they stabilized him and weighed him, they shouted over to me that he was 8.7. Even Dr. P had to say "WHAT??? 8.7??" :)

*While getting stitched up, Michelle lifted up my dang umbilical cord to show it off to everyone in the room. There were "oohs & ahhs" all around- apparently it was a really nice looking cord? :)

*After the whole birth when the nurse pushed on my uterus to get it to contract, urine literally shot out half way across the room. oops:) At this point, I'd lost any modesty so I just had to laugh. I DID say sorry though :)

*The cafeteria was closing at 7 PM and I wouldn't be in my postpartum room until around 7:30-8ish, so they nurses told me to order something because I needed to eat. I really didn't want to eat in the horrid birth room that still had yucky towels and gross stuff all over the place but I was STARVING. So I ordered a yogurt and fruit. Ryan was also pretty hungry (those guys work hard ya know) so he went down to the cafeteria and loaded up a giant plate filled with burritos, cheese, rice and beans. Um. Yuck. Even the nurses were a bit appalled that he was eating that right away... they warned me to not even look at it- I might vomit! :)

*Going to my postpartum room, they asked me if I needed a wheel chair. I felt really good so I said "no." But little did I know my body was still numb from the epi. I had nurses on both sides, completely freaking out about me falling. I kept saying "I feel fine! I just can't feel my right leg- that's why I'm wobbly!"

*My night nurse, Liz- absolutely wonderful :)

*When Dr. VanSchoik came in to get Henry for his circumcision the next morning... I was the one who had just gone through labor AND breastfed a baby through the whole night. But who was the one snoring on the couch??? Yup, Ryan. It actually got so uncomfortable Dr. V had to stop his conversation with me about the circumcision and address Ryan's snoring. I think he said something like "You've gotta give us guys some credit, right?" After the doc left Ryan got a book thrown at him...

*The ridiculous students who were in and out ALL DAY LONG. I know they've got to learn, but WOW. All I wanted to do was sleep and not only were they having to do a bunch of stuff on me, but then they'd sit there and talk about it and take notes. I got annoyed really fast. One time when they knocked on the door, I made it to the bathroom as fast as I could and told them I really needed to take a shower...

*Bonding with Henry over breastfeeding... Maeve didn't breastfeed for a few weeks- so it was amazing for me to have that with him right away.

All in all, it was a great birth experience! I'm sure there were a lot more funny, priceless, memorable moments- but these are ones that stick out that I HAD to write down before they eluded me.


Angie B said...

ya I know what you mean about the nurses...I had a GREAT nurse that was sooo nice and stayed an extra hour past her shift to stay with me when I got the epidural....she was my lifeline tooo...its amazing. i was thankful for her! I am glad your experience was great this time!

Kase and Jules said...

Awesome little things to remember Ash! Hope all is well :)

Sarah said...

Tell me about the students!!! It literally was every time I was about to sleep. After the regular nurse check up and the vitals and the are all ready for a nap and in come those stupid students. Then five minutes later they come back cuz they forgot a couple questions... I was annoyed..and I was there four days!