Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Funny of the Day!

Today has been tough. Maeve has been acting out & Henry has expressed his desire to be held ALL.THE.TIME. Nap time was a nightmare- Maeve was literally jumping up and down in her crib for a good hour before she tired herself out. And then as soon as Maeve fell asleep, Henry was up and ready to eat. So yeah, the timing was totally off. I also braved Meijers by myself with both the kids. It actually went really well- just tiring.

SO back to that "funny."

Ryan had a service call tonight at 6:30 (BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!) so he got home at 5:30 and was back out the door at 6:15. What to do for dinner? Fast food yet again. GROSS. The kids and I ran out to get something for dinner and were gone for seriously *maaayyybe* 15 minutes. When we came back in the house, it reaked. I figured Henry's and Maeve's diapers were backing up and I just hadn't noticed before because I had been in the house all day. I gave Maeve her dinner and settled into feed Henry. After about 15 minutes, Maeve was done- I got her down from her high chair and noticed that in the back hallway there was diarrhea everywhere. OMG. Those stupid dogs. Well actually, it was just one dog but still- sick. I am so over these animals. Of course Henry is screaming to be fed on the other side and I'm stuck deciding on what to do first- feed him or clean up the poop (which was going to probably take a good 20 minutes). I decided it would be the least stressful on all parties to feed Henry first. So I showed Maeve the poop and told her "GROSS- STAY AWAY." Her face was priceless- she looked absolutely horrified. And then all of a sudden she got this giant grin on her face and yelled "MICKEY MOUSE!" What???? Sure enough I took a closer look and there was a diarrhea pile in the perfect shape of a Mickey Mouse. Leave it to Maeve to pick out the beauty in such a disgusting thing. :)

Ryan is now home, the poop is cleaned up, Maeve & Henry are both fed- Maeve has been bathed and is in bed. Henry is about to get a bath & hopefully settle in for a few hours. I am DONE with today... and hoping to squeeze in a glass of wine in between feedings... my midwife has assured me over and over that one glass of wine with an hour in between isn't going to do a thing but still... feels weird. Not weird enough though to not indulge! :)

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