Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1 Month OUT!

Prince Henry (as he is called around here) has been out of the womb for 1 month now. UNBELIEVABLE. He still seems so new- but thinking back on the birth, it seems like it was years ago. I specifically remember a moment during the labor that I told Ryan I couldn't do this again- meaning, I never wanted to experience labor pains again!!! Strangely enough, I don't remember the pain and I have already talked about how I want baby #3 to be a Christmas baby :) Don't worry- not a "next-Christmas-baby!" More like in 2 years I'd like to have a Christmas babe! :)

Lets see... here are some of Henry's one month stats:

-cluster feeds like mad. Honestly, all this kid wants to do is eat and sleep. He isn't interested at all in just hanging out. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. He sleeps a lot, which is nice... but at the same time, if he's awake and NOT being nursed he's cranky as heck. We also call him the grumpy old man. :)

-his schedule at night is awwwwwesome. He cluster feeds from around 8-ish to 10 or so, then sleeps until 3 or 4, eats again and then is out until 8 or 9 AM. Yes people, my one month old is sleeping for consistent 5-6 hour stretches. I AM LUCKY!

-he's a chunk A chunk. Although he can still wear newborn dipes, we've run out of them so we moved him right into our stockpile of 1's. They fit and it makes me sad. I already miss those super soft newborn diapers with the umbilical cord cutout. :(

-clothes wise, he swims in 0-3 month Gymboree & Gap stuff, can barely squeeze into Carters newborn and just about every hat I put on him is wayyyy too big- he must have a small head?! My favorite things to dress him in are sweater outfits and cute little cardigan & pants sets. I try and reserve the cutsey animal one-pieces for home :)

-I know I've said it before, but this guy is a total PIGGY. His dream would be for me to walk around with one of those "breastfreind" things with him attached 24/7. Sorry prince, not happening!

-Believe it or not he's rolled a few times... accident? I'm sure. But Ryan likes to think its because he's destined to become a strong football player. (little does Ryan know that my sweet little man will never be knocked around on a football field :)

-Maeve....ohhhhhhhh sigh..... Maeve. My sweet girl. She is having a really rough time with Henry. I am so exhausted with her. I told Ryan last night that I LIVE for her naps. And that makes me sad. :( I feel like everything is a fight and a tantrum. I'm tired of it. I'm sick of chasing her around to change her diaper... peeling her off the floor because I won't give her a candy cane... holding her down with all my might in the grocery cart because she wants to do a flying leap out onto the ground. It's just getting really.really.exhausting. Sometimes I feel like I've lost all control over her- like I went to the hospital for 24 hours, had a baby, came home and lost my relationship with Maeve. Please someone tell me this is normal and it will pass. I am seriously on the verge of a meltdown! I know its only been 1 month and its been a HUGE change for miss Maeve, but my GOSH- this child is screaming for attention and I can only give so much while trying to nurse and care for a newborn. Especially a newborn who likes to nurse all day long.

-okay, back to Mr. Man. He is a poop machine- anyone's babies poop like 30000 times a day??? I guess its a good thing- right? Good bowels? But WOW- we're flying through diapers!

- Henry is a TOTAL mommas boy. It cracks me up because Ryan was soooooooooo excited about having a boy in the house. But ever since Henry came home, I'm the one who spends the bulk of the time with him (again, due to nursing) and Ryan has become best buds with Maeve. It's bittersweet for me- I love their relationship, but again, I feel like Maeve and I have lost a lot of connection. :( Every day I question myself, on whether or not I should keep up with nursing. I feel like its just taking way too much time away from Maeve. Does it get better???? I really don't know which way I should go at this point. I feel like if I switch to bottles, we'd have more of a schedule and I'd be able to have specific times that are ALL Maeve's. Hmmm... who knows. I'm just trying to take it day by day.

- Me, physically speaking, am doing great. Episotomy-shmesiotomy! I have NO pain and haven't had any pain down there for awhile. YEEE-HAAAAAAW! Breast feeding has gone better since I discovered the power of a cabbage leaf! Listen up ladies!! If you get engorged, start to feel icky in the boobs, stick a cabbage leaf in there! Clears everything right up! :) EMOTIONALLY and mentally, I am still kind of in the baby blues. I am back on my normal doses of my meds (lexapro & klonopin) and it feels great :) BUT I am still pretty weepy and can get a tad...ummmm... beeee-yatchy at times. Ryan gets his head bitten off for the tiniest things... poor guy- I keep telling him he can divorce me if he wants :) haha...

-ONE more note- another baby is not on our menu ANY time soon, but we do know we want at least one more (if not two:). So with that said, I have to reveal this revelation that came to me the other day. ME- the girl that was soooo terrified to have a boy, actually said "I think I want the next one to be another boy." I am so in love with this little man.

Here are some pics of the man from today :) ONE MONTH!!!!!! My how quickly they change!


Sarah said...

I feel ya, and am right there with you about how you feel with your two year old. Austin and I are going through the same thing!!! People tell me that they will not remmeber it though. things will get better and it wil not do any perm. damage to your relationship! We should talk sometime since we are going through the same exact thing!! It might help. Don't stop BFing!! Its the best for him and like I said, your little girl will not remember all of this down the road. She will get used to it. My baby and your baby also eat and act just alike....weird huh? Just keep on doing what you are doing and I promise, each month you will notice more and more things getting better and developing!! Hang in there, you are doing great!

Sadie said...

He's a cutie Ashley! It's hard to get used to giving 2 kids attention- but it will get easier!

Kase and Jules said...

Don't stop BFing! It gets better, I promise you girl!

Jessica Perry said...

I take it you changed your mind on the breastfeeding since running into you at Kohl's! Let's get together next week!

Ashley said...

haha yessss Jess I am still breastfeeding! But really- next infection- I am DONE!