Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's Talk Books.

I'd LOVE to talk ADULT books but really, to be honest, I haven't read an adult book in a few months. I guess I'm limited at the moment to talking about kid books.

A few of Maeve's faves. are ANYTHING by Eric Carle. She LOVES those "Brown Bear..." and "Panda Bear..." books. She also likes those really annoying books that play songs or make noises. Blah I hate reading those. At the moment, her favorite book is "The Greedy Python" by Eric Carle- she absolutely loves it. And its actually a book that I really enjoy reading. It's a super cute story :) A lot of times after my doc. appointments at the hospital, I'll swing by the "Toy House" on the way home to pick Maeve up, and I'll get her a little book. The last book I got was such a hit, I had to go back and get the other one. It's a teeny tiny board book of "favorite words." Again, its illustrated by Eric Carle and it has 10 words in it with matching pictures. She knows them all and its completely adorable when the page flips to the word "Cocoon," and she actually says it. Something about a 2 year old saying "CAAAAAA-COOOOOON" is really cute!

What are your kids favorite books??? Maeve has quite the library going, but books are my favorite gift... so with Christmas coming up, I'm wondering what are hits in your house?


Leslie Collins said...

I just posted a couple on my blog. We also love Lift the flap books, Eric Carle, anything with animals. :)

Nicole said...

I have a book blog for kids books! I haven't written on it in a LONG time but I have a ton of Halloween and fall books I need to update it with...