Sunday, October 18, 2009

She's TWO, she's TWO!

Well even though she officially turned two last sunday, we finally did the BIG 2 year party yesterday (10/17) and now it really feels like she is TWO. WOW!

This is Maeve on the way to her TWO year doc. appointment
The week started out with a bum doc. appointment for miss Maeve. She had to get the finger prick and her HIB vaccine. Let's just say she wasn't a fan. She's doing great though- 50th percentile in both height and weight. Right in the middle, & very proportionate (that's what the doc said). She weighs 26 lbs. even and is 32 inches tall. Her vocab is great (although she totally clammed up for the doc.) and she's chuggin' right along. We also find it to be a huge milestone that in 2 years we haven't had one trip to the ER for an INJURY of some sort. We've been to the ER once when she had pneumonia, but so far (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!) no stitches, broken bones or anything else that would require a trip to the ER. Thanks Lord for getting us this far! :)

After a rather long week of medical tests for me, somehow we got the party to come together. I wasn't sure it was going to happen since I was swelling so badly and the only cure for that is to stay off your feet. I was probably told 10 times this week to "RELAX AND REST"- unfortunately, I was pretty busy. But with a lot of help from my mom and Ryan it came together beautifully :)

I am SO anal when it comes to things matching and I was positive this party was going to look like a big pink and brown cupcake threw up everywhere. It just seemed like nothing went together- there really wasn't a cohesive theme going... and that was irking me beyond belief. BUT when we got to my parents to decorate, cook and set up, it actually all looked great- and flowed together pretty well. Also, the day before the party we got 2 calls from friends that said their kids had the swine flu... I was pretty sure the whole party was going to be a bust because we didn't invite too many people to begin with and then to get calls the day before with cancellations was making me nervous. We had a TON of food, candy and cupcakes that needed to be consumed!!!

The day of the party we ran some last minute errands and I spent the majority of the day cooking with my mom. We made a huge pot of creamy tomato soup, chicken tortilla soup (this is Maeve's fave- she calls it her "baby bean sooooup.") We had cheese trays, fruit trays and a TON of sweets. I even came up with this brilliant idea (that's sarcasm if you didn't guess it) to make a candy table- it was supposed to be for the end of the party, as kids were leaving. The idea was to have the kids stuff their own take home bags with candy. I guess it was another bout of baby brain though because every kid was parked out in that room chowing down on candy the entire length of the party- which was fine with me- I just felt really bad for the parents who had to take their sugar-high children home!!! But I was pretty grateful to get rid of all that candy :)

All in all it was a really fun night for Maeve (and I hope the other kiddos and parents!). We had all of Maeve's fave. buddies there (minus a few b/c of the swine flu epidemic) and I had my best friends there too (which meant a TON!).

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and celebrate with us! It really means so much to know you all care :) Maeve is currently playing with her new gifts- and she says a BIG "THANK YOU" to all!

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Kase and Jules said...

Everything turned out GREAT!! You are amazing :)