Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picture Heavy... But Worth Remembering Forever :)

None of these pictures are GREAT per-say, but to me, with Maeve's SECOND birthday coming (tomorrow!!) they're priceless and definitely worth posting. They capture our simple early mornings here at the house... I know these days are going to be gone soon enough and its so important for me to take pictures of these ordinary days/"things." Maeve is at this age where everything that comes out of her mouth is worth jotting down- she's hilarious, smart and sweet as can be. I'm going to do a "two-year" post sometime in the next week (which I've kind of been dreading because I am SO emotional... I am sure I'll be sobbing my way through it!) but for now, here's a glimpse into mornings with Maeve :)

Lola & Maeve.... BFFs!!!

This is certainly something I always want to remember. Yesterday morning I was getting ready in my bathroom and things were sounding pretty quiet in Maeves room. I stuck my head in her room and saw... nothing. Hmmm... her door was the only one I left open so I knew she had to be in there or the living room and there was no trace of her in the living room either. Low and behold she was hiding in her "Rose Petal Cottage" with Lola. I opened the little cottage door and there they were- Maeve was reading a book and Lola was sitting there- kind of looking miserable- but sitting there none-the-less :) It was ADORABLE! And I begged them to stay put while I ran and got my camera.

Hats, Hats & More Hats.

This is a phase I hope Maeve NEVER outgrows!!! I LOVE IT- we all know how hard it is to keep hats on little ones. And Maeve definitely went through a stage where nothing was allowed on her head. But now, she's developed this obsession with hats! Have I mentioned I LOVE IT?????? She actually FINDS hats around the house (mostly Ryan's) and wears them- for a long time. This morning (Saturday) she found a winter hat in the bin and wanted to wear it. I helped her put it on around 8 or so (its now 9:30) and its STILL on :) Again, I had to take some pics. Not only does she look adorable in it, but its another thing I want to remember about her at this age :) Another thing she does in the mornings is push her "babies" around. She gathers her "babies" (a penguin and a baby barney) and pushes them in the stroller up and down the hallways. She makes me say "bye" to her every time she passes through the living room and into the kitchen :) Truly cute.


This should really be a separate post but I'll just stick it in with this one. I LOVE birthdays! My parents always made a huge deal out of ours growing up and I plan on doing the same with my kids. Even though I read a very valid article while in the docs. the other day about how its not good to make your kids birthdays a big deal. Whatever.. it IS a big deal so I'm all for milking it as long as I can! For Maeve's first birthday we did Disney and people thought we were crazy- think that all you want- we had a blast and those memories are some that I will FOREVER, FOREVER cherish. And if I weren't preggo right now there isn't a doubt in me we'd be gearing up for another trip to Disney in a couple of days! Maeve's REAL birthday is tomorrow (10/11) but we started celebrating yesterday :) In the morning I took her to Toys R'Us to redeem her birthday stuff that came in the mail. (if your kids aren't signed up for the birthday club- sign 'em up!!!) Maeve was THRILLED to get a balloon with a "raffe" (aka giraffe) on it and a birthday crown (remember her hat phase- she kept that thing for a good hour or so). We also spent her birthday gift card that they sent in the mail (5.00- not bad for a free birthday club!) and she picked out (with some MAJOR persuasion from ME! :) a Disney princess pots and pans collection. Too cute- hot pink heart shaped pots and pans??? AHH! Love it.
After Toys'R Us we went to Beaners and I got her her very own hot apple cider. She LOVED it. Normally I swing by Beaners and get myself something and she's always begging for a sip- obviously I don't give her sips of my coffee but I thought on her birthday she deserved a cup of cider. She drank half of it and after every sip she'd say "MMMMMMMMMMMMM." But her favorite part of the cider was the big "B" on the cup. I think she told me 50 times on the way home "Looooook Momma! "B!!!"

More of Maeve's birthday celebration to come... we still have pottery painting, flavor fruit farms, chuckie cheese and of course her BIG birthday party next Saturday :)
Happy weekend everyone!


Kase and Jules said...

She is awesome!! I am not doing hardly anything for Griff's bday :/ Oh well!!

Ashley said...

you just had a baby! Don't worry about it. I am trying to kill time before this one arrives by packing our schedule FULL of stuff!

Leslie Collins said...

Birthdays are a big deal! :) Have a great time celabrating. :)