Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 Hours In...

to the most disgusting thing EVER- the 24 hour urine catch. Really- this is gross. But I thought I'd updated because last night my BP spiked up to 145/82. The bottom number is fine, but the top was getting pretty close to that 150 mark that is dangerous. So I called L&D. My least fave. doctor was on call, Dr.McDonald- YUUUUUUUUUUCK. I can't stand him- he discharged me from the hospital after having Maeve and he was the most arrogant thing ever. It also doesn't help that I taught his girls in gymnastics for a few years and I've seen him outside of a medical setting- its just weird. Anyways I left this long message about how I've been having swelling, blood pressure and headache issues... and how I was starting the 24 hour urine catch and I just wanted to know if a BP of 145/82 warranted a trip into L&D. Believe it or not, I NEVER got a call back- ever. Now, I know I'm not his patient, but as an on-call doctor, I'm his responsibility like it or not. To say the least, I'm not pleased. Thank goodness it wasn't an emergency, huh??

Anyways Ryan took the BP monitor away from me because I was totally losing it- I was taking my BP every few minutes and then it would be a little higher and I'd start panicking. A massive headache also started brewing... so after a huge thing of gatorade, 2 tylenol PM and a mini-breakdown I fell asleep (all the while Ryan was rubbing my back...wonderful:). This morning, I got up and peed in my jug (haha:), weighed myself and took my BP. To my wonderful delight, my weight dropped by FOUR pounds overnight & my BP was 121/72. AHHHH!! YES! What wonders a good night sleep and lots of fluids will do!!! AND today was the first day in probably 3 weeks that my mom told me I looked okay! (meaning I'm not super puffy) We even played around by pushing on my legs and wrists and we couldn't leave an imprint- something that hasn't happened in weeks! I am not sure why the swelling went SOOOO down overnight- the only thing that I did differently was down a really huge gatorade over night which did cause me to pee a LOT... but still, wow 4 lbs of water weight gone? I am finding this whole swelling/BP thing crazy! The only thing that is kind of making me nervous at this point is the headache that isn't getting better with tylenol. Like I said, I took tyleonl PM last night but unfortunately still woke up with a headache this morning. A headache that doesn't get better with tylenol is yet another reason for concern. But instead of focusing a ton on that, I am trying to stay positive about the BP & swelling going down.
Tomorrow I turn in my jug-o-pee & get a 2nd set of PIH blood work done. I'm hoping to have some good answers as to what is going on after the weekend. I can't believe I'll be 35 weeks next week- I remember when I was preggo with Maeve, my midwife told me that if I were to go into labor at 35 weeks they'd make no effort to stop it- something about that makes this whole thing seem like its finally getting to the end... praise the Lord! Thanks for the thoughts & prayers!


Angie B said...

thanks for your updates!

Kase and Jules said...

Eeeek a pee jug, that is crazy!! Love you and constantly thinking about you and little boy :) Miss you :(