Wednesday, September 16, 2009

oh my maeve.

This is a "conversation" we had this morning...

Me- "Maeve did you do a poopy?"

Maeve- "No way Ashy. Ew gross."

WOW- ASHY???? Thanks to my mom for that one- the other day at the park, I was on my cell w/ Ryan kind of zoning out, while my mom was watching Maeve- apparently she was doing something really cute and my mom wanted me to come see. So she started yelling "ASHLEY!!!" super loud and guess who caught on?

*OH- and for the record, she did poop :) EWWW gross is right!

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The Paulk's said...

Ri went through about a 4-5 month period of calling me Shelby ALL. THE. TIME. I was no longer Mommy, it was only Shelby to her. Hopefully it was a one time thing for Maeve.