Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thinking Ahead.

It seems like my mind is always a few months ahead- right now I am totally getting excited for Maeve's SECOND (OMG!!!!) birthday, halloween, and of course the birth of baby #2. I wish I could "live in the moment" and take each day at a time, but I can't help but yearn for the fall months! Especially when the weather is so similar to fall...

Anyhow, I discovered after planning Maeve's 1st birthday, that kids parties are THE BEST! They are SO MUCH FUN to plan and prepare for! I've been thinking and thinking of the perfect theme for her and I'm still not quite sure. I could go one of two ways- do something that would be super cute (like polka dots/cupcakes/tea party theme) or do something that Maeve would really love (like DORA-UGH or Spongebob (DOUBLE UGH). I'm pretty sure I will end up doing something super cute- just because she isn't old enough to voice her opinion and I know that day is coming- when she will beg me for a "Carebears" party or something... I'll keep you all updated with the theme and plans :)

Birthday presents for kiddos (or presents of any sort I guess) are also AWESOME. Due to all the rain, rain, rain we've had here in Jackson, Maeve and I have been spending lots of time in the mall and at "The Toy House." Spending time around so many toys has gotten me super excited to start buying for her birthday (and Christmas!!!). I've already gotten her a few little things from 2 weeks ago when Kmart was doubling coupons- I saved HUGE on some really nice toys. I got her THIS Little People Construction set. Why is my daughter obsessed with buses, construction equipment, trains and airplanes? Its beyond me... but I think its cute :) Also, have I mentioned I am in LOVE with Little People???? I am determined to collect every stinkin' one! So far, I'm doing pretty well, since we have a giant tupperware bin full of JUST the little people (and animals) themselves- the actual structure sets are scattered throughout our house. I also got her a magnetic Dora paper doll purse thing- kind of hard to explain, but basically its a metal purse that opens up and she can magnetically dress Dora & Boots. She has recently gotten really into dressing her animals and dolls- she always wants to put shoes on them, so I thought she might enjoy it. And the last thing I got at Kmart was a HOT PINK Lego set :) It's adorable :) Oh- and I got her a few books... I wanted to get her a BIG present at every birthday, but thanks to a lot of garage sales and a very generous nana, our house is too full for anything TOO big. So I am 99% sure we're going to get her the "Tag Jr." reader and a few of those books. I think IT'S an awesome invention! I tried one out at "Toys R US" the other day and loved it :) Plus it will be fun to collect all the books. I'm getting Maeve's tomorrow- If you're interested in one, they're 35 at Kmart- use the $5.00 off coupon from the "Leapfrog" site, and the$5.00 off any toy purchase of 20.00 or more (this one expires TOMORROW THOUGH!) you can get it for 25 :) I also have an $8.00 off any purchase so mine will actually be 17! :) YEA!!!!

-Oh, this is a little off topic, but a heads up- Kmart (for some reason) is DOUBLING COUPONS AGAIN!!!! Starting tomorrow- so it might be worth it to go check some things out! THIS is the list I use to figure out what I'm going to buy. It's awesome, because even if you don't have any coupons from the paper, you can print some off and still get some awesome deals. PLUS- if you're planning on getting that Tag reader or any other toys, if you spend $25.00 in Health & Beauty, you get $5.00 back for your next purchase! So there's 15 bucks OFF a 20.00 toy purchase! WAHOOO!!!

Well... I hope you're all having a great weekend (hopefully better than ours since Maeve is STILL havin' the poops- and yes, she goes into the doc on Monday)... keep you updated! :)


The Paulk's said...

Okay, a couple of things :):
1. I'm totally doing a polka dot theme for Riley's party. Got her the whole line from Gym (tea for two), balloons, plates, etc. It's in 3 weeks :(.

2. I got Riley, probably for next year, the Tag system--normally 50 bucks for 5!!! WHOOOO HOOOO I couldn't believe it!

3. Not sure if I'm doing doubles or not (probably will) because my coupon stash is GONE! They are doing this one because supposedly it's the LAST of the year or possibly EVER. I hope that's just a rumor!

4. We think a lot alike :).

Ashley said...

haha! I SO got the polka dot-cupcake thing from the gymbo line! HAHA! Hopefully you don't mind if I use the same thing! :) I KNOW- my coupon stash is GONE b/c of doubles last time- but I have a few catalinas that expire TODAY that I need to use- so I'm going to use a lot of printables... and I am super sad that this is the last doubles for awhile- I heard that too :( So I guess I should go out with a bang and try to snag all the deals I can get. Last week I spent a few of my cats on diapers (huggies) and for every pack it was spitting out TWO dollar MANU coupons from Pampers- so those will double to 4 bucks- I am def. going to use those this week... oh and I have some chinet coupons left and tons of deodorant qs. Did you grab kmarts coupon books??? They're at customer service right in the front- they have a 2.00 Secret deo. coupon in it that doubles to 4, making the deo free- and if you buy 25 bucks you get 5 back. The deo is 3.99 so you only need to snag 6 of the books :) I got a stack full....

The Paulk's said...

Don't mind at all if you use the same thing :). I'll be posting pictures so maybe you can get some better ideas...although I'm not very creative, so we'll see :).

I did get some books and used the deo. coupon last week. I went yesterday and got a few things, but our store didn't restock even one thing. STINKS, there was almost nothing there--bare shelves.

I'm going back today to finish up and use my cats. They have a good deal on Huggies too. If you buy the bix box, use a $2 off coupon (doubles to 4) then you get a $5 cat that spits out. Makes a big box 10.99+tax (after cat). NOT BAD!

Good luck :).

Ashley said...

yeah I saw the huggies thing- but at the moment I have a BILLION 2.00 Pampers and 5.00 cats- making it 1.00 a pack! :) So I think I'm going to go through those and then see where we're at. Ryan says NO MORE DIAPERS! But I don't think he remembers how many you go through! :)

The Paulk's said...

Sounds familiar, husbands just don't get it!!