Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday. 8/9/09


Here's how it worked out:
TWO transactions-
1st trans:
1 Triaminic vapor refill strips on clearance for 1.75
5 packs of highlighters on sale for .99
2 packs of huggies on sale 2/18- buy 2 packs get 4 dollars back

Total before coupons= a little over 25.

Coupons used on 1st trans:
-5/25 CVS coupon (I got this when I scanned my card today! BUT there is also a place online you can get it...)
-(5) 1.00 off Sharpie Highlighters- found online
-(2) 3.00 off Huggies- found online
-(1) 1.50 off any Triaminic product- found online

Total= 9.54, got back $4.00 AND another coupon for 5/25

2nd Transaction:
4 packs of highlighters (99 cents)
1 J&J first aid kit (99 cents)
2 packs of Huggies (18.00)
1 bottle of CVS asprin (1.05)

Total before coupons: a little over 25

Coupons used on 2nd trans:
(4) 1.00 off sharpie highlighters
(1) 1.00 off J&J first aid product
(2) 3.00 off Huggies
(1) 4.00 ECB (got it from the 1st trans)
(1) FREE CVS asprin (1.05)
Total after coupons: 5.37!!! I think that's the lowest I've ever gotten a diaper trans! All 4 packs averaged a little under 3.00!!! :)

**If you want to know the links of the coupons, ask! I am too tired to post them all right now ;)

Another semi-good deal is on fruit snacks at Meijers this week- IF your child eats fruit snacks (which mine does). Well actually I reward her with them, so it takes quite awhile for us to get through an entire box... but I still got a few & I'm planning on getting a few more because its a good price for them & they have a shelf life of like 2 years!!

Betty Crocker fruit snacks are on sale for 1.50 @ Meijers this week
-if you buy 3, you get 1.50 Catalina back to use on your next b.c. fruit snack purchase... if you buy 4, you get 2.50 back.

I did 2 trans.
1st Trans:
4 B.C. fruit snacks- 1.50 each

Total before coupons: 6.00, got 2.50 back
coupons used:
2 50 cents off 2 BC fruit snacks (doubles to 1.00)

Total after coupons= 4.00
less the 2.50 you get back, its 1.50 for 4 boxes of fruit snacks! :) Pretty good!

Again, just ask if you need links to the coupons! Happy shopping!


Jessy Schoch said...

You have mastered this whole coupon thing!! I get a little lost in it all :) Did you need highlighter's or do you just get them? Do you buy stuff to make the overall price less? How long does it take you to figure all this stuff out? Anyways, I'm super impressed like always, but still trying to learn!!

Ashley said...

hey Jessy I will send you a facebook message explaining it!!!