Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jessy's Garage Sale & the LUGNUTS!.... oh & some ketchup :)

Friday morning our good friend Jessy was having a giant (and I mean GIANT) garage sale. Maeve and I decided to stop by- I knew Jessy would have some great things that we could use and it would also be a nice chance to visit with her and the kids since they're moving to NC :( Both Maeve & I came out of the garage sale very happy girls! I got a green bumbo seat for the new baby (I had a purple one but something about purple & boys...I just couldn't put him in it!) and a huge bag of these adorable little Gap striped sets. Maeve hit jackpot when Olivia showed her this giant "DORA the Explorer" house... and all the trimmings. I knew the last thing we needed was more cluttery toys but Maeve just L-O-V-E-S Dora and I thought it would be sweet to have an old toy of Olivias. So we got that too :) And this house (well as Ryan puts it, the Dora VILLAGE, because its so huge) has been the hit of the weekend so far! Every time she comes into the living room she goes "OHHHHH! DORRRRRA!" We're still deciding where its final "home" will be- meaning its gotta be moved off our coffee table at some point. But I really don't want to clutter up Maeve's room any more than it already is... so it might just take up a huge space on our floor somewhere...
here are some pics of Maeve & her Dora "village"

Friday NIGHT, we (my parents, brothers, cousin, Ryan & I) brought Maeve to a lugnuts game. I was excited for 2 reasons: FOOD & FOOD. I was craving a hotdog with mustard and onions, nachos & lemonade. I got all 3 :) Unfortunately it was a rainy, chilly night. Still though, it was a LOT of fun. Maeve did wonderfully- surprise, surprise for us! I thought by the end of the 1st inning we'd be heading up to walk laps with her. She really enjoyed watching the boys run around and all the music and lights. We were sitting incredibly close- which was a tad bit scary- balls were flying in our direction and I had this vision of a ball nailing either Maeve or I in the head. Thankfully all was good. After we ate (which took about 3 or 4 innings to do!) my mom and I walked Maeve around to the little kids park/section. How wonderful!! Its an entire area full of inflatables and activities for kids- Maeve burned off a lot of the sugar she had consumed in that little park! Instead of walking back over to our seats right away we decided to watch the game on this little hill- it was a great view and Maeve could run up and down, up and down. She also loved standing and climbing on the gate/railing and looking down- I got a lot of cute pictures :)
The night ended with fireworks and screaming- yes, screaming. Maeve still hates fireworks and these fireworks we're pretty dang close- so the little lady wasn't happy. After fireworks we hightailed it out of the park, walked the half a mile to the car (UGH) and drove home in a lovely silence (well Ryan & I were talking) due to a very tired bubba cakes. What a fun night!

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Jessy Schoch said...

I'm so happy that she likes the Dora house!!! I loved the pictures of Maeve at the game, too cute!!

Ashley said...

she LOVES the Dora house!!!!!! It's all we've been playing with! She loves putting the horses in their cages! haha... she also has an obsession with Dora's babies (well Doras brother & sister)! She is always sticking them in their high chair and stroller and then gets SO MAD if they don't fit or fall out! haha :)