Monday, August 24, 2009

Diarrhea Days... as told by Maeve.

Hi friends. I've had a belly ache for a few days now... and a hot head. It hasn't been very much fun. There are a few good things that get to happen though.

running around nakie. Momma doesn't make me wear diapers anymore! At least until my bummy clears up. It's great! Momma does shut the doors to the bedrooms though... so I'm confined to the living room & kitchen...apparently she doesn't want to scrub my poopies out of the carpet.

I also get to drink as much sprite as I want! COOOOOL! Momma never gives me pop! I love the way it fizzels out of the straw and into my mouth...

Ooooh! Momma also gives me about a zillion baths a day. I love the way the cool water feels on my hiney. I also like the white powdery stuff momma puts in. Not as cool as bubbles but I've taken a few licks of it (momma says "GROSS!!!!") and its sorta yummy.

And last but not least, momma cuddles with me all day long. I haven't even had to take naps in my crib! I get to sleep right with her in the BIG bed!

Even though its been great catching up on all my favorite shows with momma, taking cool cornstartch baths & running around naked, I am ready to feel better. Hopefully tomorrow the doctor can help me out!

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