Monday, July 6, 2009

Sorry to all...

BUT....I can't stop buying things and posting about it. I am not bragging- I'm just really proud of the moolah I'm saving my family. AND I'm hoping to help all you ladies out by showing you where the deals are & how to put some extra cash in your pocket as well! :) As I said before, KMart is doubling coupons this week and it is turning into a very profitable week... I dragged Ryan with me tonight so he could wrangle Maeve while I concentrated on the math part of couponing. So whether you're interested or not, here comes another great deal... and yes, I think after this week is over, the deal posts will slow down. But I truly enjoy gathering up my stockpile and taking a picture- it shows that the dumpster diving (not really dumpster diving- more like trash sifting) and clipping, working out the math and finding the deals really does pay off!

-7 packs of Pampers swaddlers (for the turkey)
-3 boxes of Pampers wipes (I HATE pampers wipes- but they're completely free w/overage)
-5 Huggies (yea! my fave!) to-go packs of wipes
-1 Irish Spring body wash (that was the one thing Ryan picked out:)
-3 Pantene shampoos
-3 Pantene Conditioners
-3 Pantene styling products
-2 Dove deodorant
-1 sucker for Maeve (to keep her occupied during the many transactions we had at checkout)

GRAND TOTAL... $21.80 :) WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The diapers alone would've cost me 70- so that puts into perspective how much you can save!!! :) GO TO KMART GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!


The Paulk's said...

That's great! Can't wait to try it!! Oh and the shirts the kids are wearing are Old Navy! I love cordnating them :).

Mallory said...

goooood job! email me what websites you get your coupons off of...geez!

Ashley said...

Mal- I got the majority of these from the paper- BUT- there is this website

and you can buy coupons- so if you know of a good deal coming up you can buy some. They're super cheap- I actually bought 10 huggies wipes coupons for a dollar (so I think most of them are 10 cents a piece) anyways, yeah- try that if you can't get your hands on papers!