Friday, July 17, 2009


So apparently I have completely contradicted myself! In a previous post I said I wanted something neutral and not overly "baby" for the new nursery. And then after looking around a bit, come to find out, I really like airplanes & farm animals :) with that being said, I'm going to delete the last post and poll just because I have a feeling my mind will change a thousand more times until I actually paint the room. I'll post pictures when its finished!


Kase and Jules said...

You are hilarious girlfriend!! LOL. I am excited to see what you pick :) Pick soon, cause I am dying to see what you decide!!

Jessy Schoch said...

That's so funny!! I always had a hard time picking out the boys nursery, thinking I would rather be painting it pink with flowers or something like that. Once I looked for awhile I always fell in love with one!! Jack had some Classic Pooh (that I would never do now), Harrison had the surfer line from pottery barn and Max ended up with the ABC animal set from pottery barn. Whatever you choose it will be super cute!! Pottery barn always has nice looking train and cars quilts. Can't wait to see the baby nursery, I'm sure it's going to be too cute!!

Ashley said...

yeah I'm being crazy about this!! With Maeve it was so dang easy! They had a million bedding sets that were adorable. This time I'll find one that is cute and that I like, but then after sitting on it for a few days I change my mind! Ryan refuses to paint the room until I get the bedding, wash it and can't return it!!! :)