Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Rainy Kind of Day.

What to do on a rainy day? Ugh that's the big question around here...

Earlier this morning I had my 14 week OB appt. Everything looked good- the heartbeat is still in the 160's...I set up my ultrasound date- unfortunately its not for 6 weeks! Boooo.

After the doc. it was lunch/nap- all that good stuff. For some reason my little lady isn't requiring much sleep now a days. She's up around 7 in the morning... but she's been going to bed later and later because of how light it is at night. Her naps are getting shorter and I'm getting scared- my mom told me I quit naps at 2. That just can't be an option around here! YIKES!

Anyways, Maeve was up from her nap around 2 or so, and it was raining. Normally we either walk to the park or play in the backyard after nap times. We tried to do some sidewalk chalk on the covered porch but all Maeve wanted to do was run in the rain- which would've been fine, but it was thundering so I nixed that idea. After playing with play doh and coloring for a bit I thought today was a perfect day for the new finger paints I had bought awhile ago. I had been saving them for a day where we didn't have anywhere to go, anything to do- and today seemed perfect. For some reason, I was really nervous that it would be a disaster- that Ryan would come home and there would be paint on the tv, walls, couches, etc. But Maeve actually did really well with it. I gave her a giant piece of paper to paint on, stripped her down to her diaper and let her go. I had squirted the paints in this beautiful circle on a little plastic plate and Maeve totally thought it was to dip her cheese in (haha). I had forgotten to pick up her snack and she totally grabbed a piece and dipped it in the purple paint- thankfully I grabbed it before it made it to her mouth. After I showed her what to do, she was so blissfully happy. She would dip her hand in the paints and go "OHHHH WOW!" After 15 minutes or so of painting, we cleaned up and yes, she was a mess. But nothing a bath couldn't fix :)

Other exciting Maeve news: She is an official peanut eater!!!! Well she doesn't eat the actual PEANUT, but peanut butter. Her doc. said to wait until she was 2 to give her pb. My mom however accidentally gave her a peanut butter cup and she was fine! So the next day I made her a pb sandwich- again, totally fine. I am sooooo thrilled she isn't allergic to pb! I really thought she might be, because Ryan's dad is allergic to everything. Literally- everything. So we were thrilled she dodged the pb bullet! PHEW! :)

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Kase and Jules said...

She is the bomb!! So pretty and sweet ahhhh!!