Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Popper. Vocab & Sick Updates!

Do you remember that toy as a kid?? Well the famous corn popper has made it into our house (actually it was a Christmas present- so its been here for awhile) but Maeve just discovered how "fun" it is to run around the house with it... YIKES is all I have to say!!!

The poor dogs are terrified of it- just the popping noise alone sends them into outer orbit! And Maeve knows it- so she will ram it into them and then crack up- it IS kinda funny... regardless I have to remind her to be NICE to the puppies. So when she isn't ramming it into the dogs, she likes to ram it into anything else she can find. Our poor house is getting banged up left and right!

Anyways, its really cute to watch her go crazy with the thing... so I had to take pictures and post.

Maeve's vocab is really expanding too- her new words of the week are:

-ALL DONE!!! (did I already mention that one?)
-hop, hop, hop (that's what she says when she sees a bunny)
-quack, quack
-she has also mastered a "sign"- thank you- she has been saying it for awhile but within the past couple of weeks when you have her say thank you she does the sign for it :)

We're also so thankful that she is FINALLY starting to feel better!!! Just within the past 2 days we've noticed she's been eating better (MUCH better!) and sleeping great. Her energy is also back and her whole demeanor is much more pleasant! Which makes for a very happy momma & dadda! (we were going on 2 weeks of having a crabby pants on our hands!) Ryan & I are STILL sick- I think we both have sinus infections that need to be cleared up with antibiotics so I'm scheduling appointments for tomorrow. We are crossing our fingers that this is our last bout with sickness for the season!!!!


Kase and Jules said...

I love those poppers toys but that would drive me mad!!

Mallory said...

Get your pretty self and that adorable girl of yours to GRap immediately! :)