Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mishap In The Kitchen.

So far this week I've stuck to our "menu." And today was no exception- I had everything I needed to make a yummy tater tot casserole and salad. I had browned the turkey, mixed together the soups and milk and had it all ready to layer in the casserole dish. I opened the cabinet where our dishes are kept and stretched up high on my tippy toes, trying to reach a certain dish. Next thing I knew, I had my entire set of corning ware smashed on the counter/floor. Maeve was taking a nap- so she was fine and none of the glass got me, but since this certain cabinet just HAPPENED to be right by where I was cooking, glass went into the turkey & soups!!!! I picked out a few pieces and thought perhaps I could salvage it, but in the end, I had visions of rushing to the ER because one of us swallowed some glass, so I tossed the turkey & soup. :( I was in a rotten, horrible mood when Ryan got home- and I know he was trying to help, but by offering to go to the store and get MORE turkey and soup so I could start all over again wasn't really what I wanted to hear at the moment. Actually what I was most upset about was my corning ware!!!! Haha! I never thought the day would come when I'd be sitting cross armed on the couch pouting about "my favorite casserole" dish!!! (that's really what I said to Ryan- or something to that affect- "Ryan I am not starting dinner all over, plus what am I going to cook it in??? I just smashed my favorite casserole dish!" Needless to say a couple minutes later we were both laughing about that :)

In the end, as he always does, Ryan saved the day. He took Maeve & I out to one of my favorite restaurants: Saucy Dogs in Jonesville. It is AWESOME- and a well kept secret of southern Michigan. The barbecue is comparable to Sonny's (our FAVORITE place to get BBQ- but they only have them down south) and their salad wedges are soooooo good!!

So yes, quite the mishap in the kitchen today, but the day was totally turned around with a 20 minute drive to Jonesville for some awesome food. I feel kinda bad we strayed from our budget, but... what can ya do???

We got back in town around 7 or so and swung by the studio (as if I don't spend enough time there...) to visit my mom while she was teaching the company. Maeve loved watching the older girls dance and she burned some energy dancing herself :) We're all looking forward to (hopefully) a restful night- and tomorrow, I will continue with my quest in the kitchen!!!!


Kase and Jules said...

That sucks Ash! Ahhh. I hate cooking, period. I was making enchiladas last night and Griff was whining at my feet and some grease splashed his face and he bawled his eye's out! But there's nothing on his face now. I was screaming at Kason saying we needed to eat out every single night. I was so mad! Cooking is not my thang :)

jennifer said...

Don't beat yourself up about not sticking to the plan. I keep my meal plan on my blog because then I feel obligated to stick to it. (And then I don't have that "oh no, its almost 5:00, what am I going to feed these people" crisis!) But I've learned that sometimes life intervenes and you have to adjust. Your plan looks great!

Ashley said...

haha thanks Jennifer!!! :) Yeah I was cheered up quick with good BBQ but I am still SO BUMMED about my corning ware! I went to target to get some more and I didn't realize it was so expensive! (60 bucks for a set!) we originally got it for our wedding... hmmm maybe after spring break I will get another set.. :)