Tuesday, February 10, 2009


That's how I feel this past weekend/week has gone- like I am constantly on the move, running from one thing to the next. In a way, its nice cause it kills time and gets me closer to summer, spring break, all that good stuff, on the other hand, it exhaauuuussssts me! I blogged about our busy weekend the other day, and Monday & Tuesday have been no exception to the craziness. Monday, I was supposed to have an appointment up in Ann Arbor, but found out just minutes before leaving the house that my doc. was sick and therefore, it was canceled :( UGH it was like mid-morning... too late to go work out at the Y (I had missed my class), too early to go do anything else... so I went over to my moms house :) She took Maeve and I out for lunch and then I had to rush through grocery shopping with a sleepy, cranky bubba. I thought I had bought everything needed for tacos... wrong- after Maeve woke up from her nap we ran back out to the store for sour cream, onions and avacado. Usually, I am super lazy during her naps, I either nap myself, or sit on the computer wasting time... but Monday our house seriously looked nasty- our floors were covered with dog hair, Ponce had ruffled a few of his feathers out onto the shelves/floor, the counters were covered with groceries and my suitcase from Florida was STILL packed on the floor of our bedroom... so needless to say I spent Maeves naptime "RUNNING" from thing to thing trying to accomplish as much as possible... ahhhh makes me sleepy just thinking about it. After her nap and "RUNNING" back to the grocery store for those extras, I came home and attempted dinner- MaeMae was starving and clinging to my leg as I hobbled from counter to counter. I was literally staring at the clock waiting for 5:30 to come... FINALLY Ryan came home and rescued me (by taking Maeve :) and I finished dinner... I personally hate tacos, but they're one of Ryan's faves. so I make them from time to time. I myself heated up chips & cheese. yuck. Maeve ate avacado, cheese and a soft taco shell. Ryan ate the rest :) haha...
Today, AGAIN, woke up with every intention of going to the Y, but instead found myself at the doctor with my mom, who had another one of her heart episodes. Scary stuff- my dad had called and said that she was being taken to Michigan Heart because her heart was racing and she was feeling faint, numb, etc. BTW, just a little background info, this happens to her like once every few months- its terrifying- everytime my dad calls telling me that, I'm thinking "this is it! She's having a heart attack!" And I completely freak out... today was no different... I got Maeve packed in the car super fast and raced across town to MHeart. They didn't tell us anything when we got there... we just had to wait and wait. Eventually (around 12:30- yes Maeve was incredibly angry about having such a late lunch!!!) my dad called (who was back with my mom) and said that she was okay and they'd be out in a second. PHEW! What a load off... I can't tell you how stressfull this is for all of us! Like I said, this happens quite often... anywyas out came my mom- she was acting funny but she was okay. They released her and she went home and napped. I went home, with the same intentions, but again got wrapped up in other things that needed to be done. Around 3:30 it was time for work- blah!!! After work though, my wonderful husband, who knows how hard I take it when stuff happens to my mom, took me and maemae out to Olive Garden :) YEA! No cooking & wiiiiiinnnne! :)
I am about to go to sleep (its 9 here and I've got a huge headache) but I just had to blog to say how thankful I am for my mom being okay today, for my health, for Ryan & Maeve's. And again, how lucky I am to have Ryan... he can always pick me up when I'm down... (after dinner we booked our airline tix for spring break which cheered me up even more haha)
If you have time, say a prayer for my mom- we're just not sure what is going on with her heart or blood pressure. She's only 48 and is super active... we just don't know whats going on. And its incredibly stressful for all of us, especially her :(

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