Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic!"

Alright, where to start, where to start??? I guess, I should say that we made it back to this beautiful state of Michigan yesterday afternoon, all in one piece. That's a good thing! :) We had an amazing time- not too relaxing, but it really was a great get away. I'll just do a quick recap...

Our plane ride down was so-so, meaning Maeve was wild/crazy/a 15 month old :) for a solid hour and then she finally conked out. We got to Florida super early- 9:30! So we had the whole day... it was 78 when we landed!!! :) By the time we got our luggage, met my grandma and drove out of the crazy Orlando airport it was about 10:30 so we decided to drive to Sanford for lunch... we ate at one of my fave. places "Sonnys." And I guess I should say this is when the eating madness started... and it didn't end until this morning. BLAHHHH! All that hard work to lose weight and I'm pretty sure its all back! After lunch we drove to my grandmas who lives in Crescent City- a whopper of a town! :) haha... but it was nice- she has a pool so we swam, Maeve played with her toy box of new toys (my grandma is a known spoiler!! :) and we took a nap.

The next day we drove the 45 minutes to St. Augustine (where I was born:) and had a fantastic time. We ate waaaaaaaayyy too much, went to the beach, shopped and just walked around. It doesn't matter how many times you go to St.Augustine, each and every time it is beautiful and breath taking. I don't consider myself a tourist when we go there- I was born there and lived there for years and after we moved back to Michigan, we went to St.Aug. every year, several times a year. I know that city like I know Jackson. So anyways, like I was saying, I don't consider myself a tourist but I sure look like one! I've got my camera in hand at all times taking pictures of things that I've photographed a million times before... oh well. :) Another really cool thing about going back there is bringing Maeve - I have pics of me all over that city as a kid- so its fun to put Maeve in the same places and take pics :)

On Saturday we drove over to Palm Coast- not too exciting. Don't go there to vacay! Its a bunch of old people. But we did meet up with my aunt Cindy which was nice :) And we got to see this amazing place called the "European Village." Truly awesome. It was this huge open square full of condos that people (VERY rich people) live in, the bottom has a grocery store, countless restaurants, coffee shops and little boutiques. Its crazy cool.

Sunday we went BACK to St. Augustine because, honestly, you can't ever get enough of that place. We ate at the Columbia and went to the beach. Niiiiice day :)

Monday we drove to Orlando, did Lake Buena Vista (downtown Disney) and City Walk. I had a little too much fun at "Margaritaville" and I got ditched by my mom! HAHA! I texted Ryan and told him I was by myself drinking at Margaritaville... yeeeeahh. whatever, I had a great time! :)

Tuesday we flew home too early...

That was a super quick recap of our trip... but the title of this post, is what I really wanted to blog about- I don't know what got into Maeve but something just kind of sparked when we were in Florida. Her vocabulary has now expanded into countless words and sayings. It is crazy! Here are the new things she has learned to say:

"Ohhhhhhh Nooooooo" (haha that one is hilarious to hear her say!)
"I don't know"
"Gigi"- (that's my grandmas name for her!)
Duck- actually there is a story to this one- we were trying to figure out what the heck she was doing- she was saying "duuuuuuuck, duuuuuuuuuuck" and finally my mom was like "she's playing "duck duck goose!!!" On Tuesdays, my mom takes her into class with her and she watches the kids play the game- she caught on I guess... because now she will start to say "duuuuuuck duuuuuuuck" and then after a few times I will say "goose!" and she will set off running! HAHA!

she puts her finger up to her mouth and says "shhhhhhhhhhhhh"
she blows kisses (a little late on this one... I've heard a lot of her baby friends have been doing this for awhile...)
she can point out her eyes, ears, hair, tongue, teeth, nose

****Anyways, that's her list of new things she learned on our trip! Ryan was super sad he missed a huge chunk of learning but like I said, I have NO IDEA what prompted the little spark in her, but she was like a sponge!

I think all you blog readers are my friends on facebook so check out the pics from our trip there.... I am being super lazy and not posting them on here...

Sorry for the lack luster post... I am still tired from the trip and I have to work tonight (BOOO) so I'm going to try and nap while Maeve is napping.... :)

good to be back! (sort of... okay no not really)

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Becky said...

it sounds like you had fun! Kerith has been doing the same thing's like out of nowhere she's just talking and doingn all of these things! It's crazy but so much fun to watch! :)