Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Hand In Time...

I FINALLY got around to picking up Maeve's plate today and it turned out great- in that wonderfully homemade way :) The hand print is smudged, my writing looks like a 2 year olds and the dots aren't very evenly spaced, BUT it was made by my love and I and I will ALWAYS remember that snowy day in the pottery place. So I showed it to Ryan and he loved it, and we decided to make it a tradition that on every birthday, our children will make a plate (I'll take them like a week before their birthday so the actual plate will be DONE by their birthday) that they can eat on for their special birthday dinner. And each Christmas we'll make a platter with all the kiddos hand prints on it, the date and their names. And on Christmas, we'll be able to serve dinner on our collection of platters. Cool huh? Now all we need are KIDDO-SSSSS. That's kiddos, plural- if you didn't get it :) But all in good time, all in good time.

Also, again nothing to do with the plate, but I went to Body Pump again this morning and BIT it so bad on the ice- I feel like an old woman. Yeah, my body is sore from working out, but this is the 2nd time this week I've fallen- HARD. The first time, I was knocked over by 2 dogs- yeeeah... nice. That mainly hurt my hands and chest- I feel face first- but caught myself with my hands and boobs. Today, I biffed on the ice in my parents driveway and my feet flew up in the air and I landed really, REALLY hard on my back. I am so achy- I had to take tylenol when I finally got home- (yes I went to body pump AFTER I had fallen- I'm so tough I should be beef jerky or something) hahahaha. Anyways I'm sore, from my workouts and from my lack of coordination... I used to be so coordinated... dang its crazy what having a baby will do to your body!!! :)

Well I am going to post again tonight- because I am trying out the deceptive "Aloha Kabobs." I stink at making chicken- it always turns out dry and chewy... so we'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Love the plate, I'm going to have to post a picture of Liv's plate!!

Brianna Richardson said...

:( I just fell face first in the snow on your parent's driveway...not fun..i feel your pain!