Monday, January 19, 2009

Back To IT!

Or back to the "Y" I should say :) I managed to get my booty out of bed this morning along with Maeve's, pick up my mom and head to the Y for a pretty good workout. I didn't make it to body pump which was a bit disappointing- but I did do FORTY minutes of cardio today (movin' on up!) and twenty minutes of leg/ab work. I'm going to try suuuuuper hard to make it to Pilates tomorrow morning- but I'm not making any promises. Honestly, I will be happy with myself if I can get in 3 (at least) 30 minute sessions of cardio in... that really is my main goal here. And yeah, last week I totally boycotted the Y- BUT I had the stomach flu... so good reason I guess.

Today, Maeve's number in the nursery was "6" and as always, every time an announcment would come over the loud speakers, I'd strain to hear what they were saying (IT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!! It sounds like "wah wah wah wah"), anyways today I could've SWORN the announcement said, "Number 6 please come to child watch." Shoooooot! I was walking with my mom on the track and she volunteered to go check on the situation. Thank goodness, it turns out it WASN'T maeve at all :) YEA! I can still go to the Y and have the babe be haaaapy:) But they did make a mention to me at the end that she had been growling at all the other kids. Whoops! guess we've been working on those dinosaur noises a bit too much... :) Other than that though, she seems to really enjoy it there and the Y workers say she's great. What a relief!

Tonight I judge at Western (YEA! Close to home...) and its one of those nights where I have NOTHING planned for dinner. I have plenty of things in mind for dinner, but that would require me going out to the store... and Maeve is already asleep for her afternoon nap- so the whole store thing isn't going to happen. Ryan mentioned pizza... but I KNOW if we go for pizza I will eat like a horse and undo the whole workout I sweated through this morning.

Well..... this is my last full week before FLORIDA!!!!! :) I am thrilled to get out of here! Gonna miss Ryan but it will do a world of good for both Maeve and I to be in warmth and sunshine.

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