Monday, December 15, 2008


Tonight, December 15th, marked the very last day of the glade/gift card deals at Target. I had been stashing my coupons away WAITING for this day- to unload a stack of coupons and get back, in return a heaping pile of gift cards. Since it is a Monday, we were in Ann Arbor, so we hit up the AA Target first. Here's what happened:

15 separate transactions (for every 4 glade products, 1 $5.00 gift card):

4 glade products- each 2.50
4 2.50 off any glade product

Total OUT OF POCKET: thirty cents!!!!!!!

SO $.30 x 15= $4.50
Profit of $75.00 in gift cards


I was beaming, as I triumphantly walked out of Target with 2 huge bags of air fresheners!! :) I thought I was done for the night, but as I explained my profit to Ryan, he got all into it and was like "Lets swing by Target in Jackson to do it again!" I had about 20 coupons left so we could do 5 more transactions, making 25 more bucks in gift cards. So off I went into Target AGAIN to load up... but this time, at the Jackson Target, they didn't have enough of the plug-ins, so I had to buy the refills which were 4.50... I was wondering how this was going to work out- because I did have some buy one get one free coups, but the majority of my coups. were the 2.50. So I figured it out that I would buy three plug ins and one refill- what a deal- somehow this is how it worked out:

3 plug ins- $2.50
1 refill- $4.50

3-2.50 coupons
1 buy one get one free coup-

Apparently the cash register not only decided to give me the refill for FREE, but also decided that I should get $1.45 back in change... YES, you read that right- I received $1.45 BACK!!!! HOW THE HECK???? NO CLUE. Ryan and I have gone over the receipts- he thinks it was a computer glitch or something... but anyways I ended up making 25 more bucks PLUS $7.25 in cash- weird huh??? But completely awesome!

So now I have 100 bucks in Target gift cards :) I spent $4.50 in Ann Arbor and got back $7.25 in Jackson, so Target paid me $2.75 plus about 80 air fresheners for a hundred dollars!!!! Pretty amazing, huh? :)


Becky said...

You're a wizard! And I assume you have some spare air fresheners now! :)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

I know what everyone on your list will be getting in their stockings this year!!! :) I'm truly impressed by your talent to bargain shop! Maybe someday I can hit the motherload too! :)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Are you judging at Lumen tomrrow? 12/17? Just wondering, I'm judging and haven't gotten a contract nor do I know who I'm judging with.

Allison said...

3 things girl!....
1. How the heck do you find out about these particular sales and how long they last etc.(since the Sunday ads are for a week at a time) How did you even know to get a magazine in the beginning that would have these coupons?? By chance or what?

2. You ran 15 SEPERATE transactions?!?! :) Was there a line behind you and did the cashier treat you weird or was she cheering you on?! haha I would have felt all nervous to do that lol

3. Kudos to you for having the energy and time to find these deals and make so many dang trips to the stores!!!! (walgreens and target) I get SO sick of running errands and wish I could order EVERYthing online-hahah

Those are my random thoughts on your bargain shopping trips:) I will admit at the beginning when you began I was thinking "girl you aren't making that much of a profit with the cost of the magazines and gas for all your trips" but your trip last night totally proved me wrong!
I wish I had your talent! and energy/time for that matter- LOL

Allison said...

oh hey- i've been needing some air you have any?? HAHAHAHA

Rebecca said...

That is so cool about your air fresheners. I can't believe how much money you made on that and how many air fresheners you got. Way to be a bargain shopper, I am truly amazed! wow, haha
Merry Christmas!! :)