Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Secrets :) hahaha.

Okay so some of you want to know how I got the glade deals and other stuff... the glade thing was like GOLD- I was in Target in November some time and I needed some air fresheners- so I go to the aisle and see that if you buy 4 of them, you get a $5.00 gift card. SO I bought 4. I ended up paying 10 dollars and some change, but I got that $5.00 gift card and discovered something brilliant- inside each of my candle packages were TWO coupons- 1 for 2.50 off any Glade product and 1 for buy one get one free. SO I went back to Target with my EIGHT coupons in hand and bought 8 candle/air freshener sets... again, I doubled my coupons- now I had 16 coupons. I started saving them and stashing them away and going to Target every week or so and cashing in- and I was saving my gift cards as well. This particular deal ran through December 15th- it said it right on the little advertisement sign below the products. So I knew I had until the 15th to get as many coupons as I could. I also went to glade.com and printed a few each week. And then like I said in my previous post, last night, I used all my coups. and got all the gift cards. Get it? It did take a little while to figure out how to get my total down to $.30- I had to play around with different combinations of coupons. But it was worth it and I am proud to say I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping with these gift cards :)

If you have more questions ask! I know it gets really confusing- but once you get it figured out you can totally score big time!

OH and to answer Allisons question about 15 transactions, YES I really do back up the lines, but its all about being organized- before you get up there have your coupons stacked and ready to go- so all the cashier does is ring up your stuff, scan your coupons and move on to the next transaction. It really only took about 15 minutes or so. And I kindly turn around to the people behind me and say "Sorry, I'm doing all of these in separate transactions!" And I've never had a bad reaction- they always say "OH thanks for letting me know!" or, "That's fine! I'm not in a hurry!"

I promise- cut those coupons, search out those deals! IT IS WORTH IT!


The Paulk's said...

What a great deal--I went to our Target a while back when you posted about the deal and ours wasn't doing it--bummer!! Don't you LOVE stores paying you to "buy" their stuff. At Walgreens I have a butt load of stuff that I paid nothing for, plus I have $140 on agift card...it makes me feel like I'm somewhat contributing to our "income". :) Keep it up and keep us posted on the deals you find :).

Jessica Perry said...

You are hilarious! That coupon thing is sooo something I would do! Hey, I see you coach and judge gymnastics. Where do you coach? And, I've checked into judging but didn't have the motivation to learn all the short hand and take the tests. Is it easy to learn? Do you like judging? I did gymnastics all through high school and I really miss it. Let me know what your scoop is!