Monday, December 8, 2008


OFF THE HOOK AGAIN! "There will be no jury selection in process for Tuesday Dec. 8th, therefore no jurors need to report." YEA! That was the message waiting for me when we got home tonight!!!

My appointment went really well! I am quite the talker- I find it pretty therapeutic to talk about my OCD habits of washing my hands and cleaning the counters a hundred times a day :)

The roads were fine- we were expecting to be driving through some really horrible stuff- but they were clear- except for a little rain. Unfortunately though on the way home there was a horrible accident- one of the worst ones I've ever seen. It was one of those things where you didn't want to look but you had to.. you know? Anyways it had JUST happened- there was only 1 ambulance there and 1 fire truck- one car on the West bound high way lost control and went over into the oncoming traffic of the East bound high way. It involved about 6 cars that we could count. And the car that I think got it the worst was the car that lost control- it was in the middle of the median and the entire side of it was ripped off. There were about 5 fire fighters trying to get someone out... how sad- I can't help but to always think about my family and friends that may be driving when I see accidents. We said a quick prayer for the families and sat in silence the rest of the way home... let me tell you- accidents- especially horrific ones like that DON'T help my anxiety. On the way back we saw probably 6 or 7 ambulances speeding towards the wreck. I have no clue how many people were hurt, but by the number of cars spread out all over the highway I'd guess a lot.

Suddenly my jury duty issues seem pretty petty huh? Yeah they are... hmmm... well if you're thinking of it, send up a quick prayer for the many families that I'm sure are going to be effected by that horrible accident.

I am going to try and get some sleep- Maeve is sick again- breathing horribly which frightens me... so we slather on the vicks and usually have her sleep with me. For some reason I feel like she's more comfortable next to her momma. I remember when I was sick as a kid always wanting my mom to sleep with me... okay now I'm rambling.. that means I'm super tired.

Good night & sweet dreams!

P.S. Ang- I will be having some SWEEEEEEET dreams because I tivod "Happy Gilmore" SCORE FOR ME!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Ryan can't stop me from watching this one!!! :)


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Glad to hear your appt went well. I hope no one was seriously injured in the accident - how scary.

Allison said...

I heard about the accident on the radio this morning. An 18 year old from Farmington Hills died and another is in critical cond at Allegiance (he was struck by the 18 yr. old) The others have minor injuries. So sad and scary! Glad you guys made it home safely!

Ashley said...

oh my gosh! That is so sad- I knew it looked horrible. OH how horrible- right at Christmas time too. :( UGH thats awful.