Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Year.

Our poor lawn!!!

Ryan says next year we'll have the best yard on the block... hahaha.

Maeve and I were outside the other day and I realized that its been an entire year since we moved into our house. So I got my camera and started taking pics... our poor house... its been totally neglected this year! Our yard is horrid looking and our dogs have kind of trashed the majority of the landscaping. But nonetheless, its our house :) And I love, love, love it.

I remember moving in and unpacking, decorating Maeves room and feeling like I was an eternity away from actually putting a baby in that beautiful crib. (even though I was less than 3 weeks!!!) We have such sweet memories here! So many firsts!

Oh also, the day I had Maeve, my dad planted a mum for her- at the time it was puny and (kind of) dead looking, but it just started blooming this fall and its beautiful! Almost as big as her!! It will always remind me of the day Maeve was born :)

Maeve's Birthday Mum :)

We are looking forward to bringing at least one more baby home to this house and creating many more memories :)

Happy one year house anniversary to us!

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Kase and Jules said...

How cute!! I LOVE your house!! My house is pretty cute but it was built in freakin 1950 or something, old school! But it's cute :) LOve ya!