Friday, August 29, 2008

Diaper Deals :)

Thanks to the fabulous Shelby Paulk, I have been able to start learning some of the tricks of buying diapers and other baby stuff cheap. My jaw still drops every time I see Shelbys beautiful stash of diapers :) haha maybe someday my closet will look like that... Anyways in the meantime, here is the deal I found today on diapers:

Walgreens has their huggies natural fit diapers on sale for 9.99. Plus 2 dollars in register rewards- so really, thats like 7.99 per pack. That in itself is a great deal- but wait! I had a bunch of 2 dollar off coupons for huggies... SO I ended up getting each pack for around 5.99. These are the jumbo packs we're talking about!!! :) I was super excited and we're kind of stocked up for awhile now. But I will definitely be scoping out that baby cheapskate site more often!! :)

Thanks Shelby for inspiring me to save some money!!! HAHA... my hubby thanks you too :)

Oh and if you have any more tips let me know!!!


The Paulk's said...
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The Paulk's said...

No problem Ashley, glad you can save some $$. Just so you know also at Walgreens (today and tomorrow only) they have a $10 off $40 purchase Coupon that you can use on diapers and formula, etc. and you can still use your other coupons and get the RR's. Here's the link in case you want to stock up even more :):

I still have over 150 packs of Pampers, so I'm set until Lincoln is potty trained I think.

Kase and Jules said...

Those are some sweet deals sister!

Allison said...

You should check out and you can get a humongo box of the diapers for like 30 bucks. They have a single diaper calculator to total the cost per diaper and pampers still wins by like 4 or 5 cents per diaper. So I've been getting papmers cruisers instead:)

Allison said...

pooey! I went to walgreens for dipes and with that coupon and NO size 3 Boo:( oh well maybe next time. Oh and check out my blog under friends- there's a crockpot 365 blog with TONS of recipes. It's great and I got it from a friend:) enjoy!