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"My BIG, FAT, Public Pregnancy!"

I was chatting with a galfriend the other day and I was trying to remember a specific detail of my pregnancy so I pulled out my preggo journal (it was like a question/answer type journal, so feel free to steal the questions and put your own answers in! Its fun!) it got me reading and reminiscing.... its very detailed so if it bores you, just pass on through it. But I do have LOTS of preggo friends right now who I thought might be interested in it. Warning: Its long and in depth!
Enjoy or skip over... :)
Where and when I took the home pregnancy test: I took 2 tests at home ALONE on Thursday, Feb. 8th, 2007.

First Reaction when I realized it was positive: Shock, fear, elation, excitement, doubt.

How I told my hubby: It was practically bursting out of me by the time Ryan got home from class. I showed him the tests and told him immediately.

His Reaction: SHOCK & lots of hugs and belly rubs.

Who we told right away: My mom, dad and sisters (we told them on Monday, Feb. 12th)

How our kid(s) reacted: No kids yet... just dogs!

When I plan to tell my friends: Around 12 weeks.


Our Due Date: October 18th, 2007

My Current Weight: 109.8

I'm thinking about delivering the baby: at the hospital

Here's why: I'm going to need some sort of medication.

Other notes from this first visit: I have a cervical irritation which is causing some bleeding but everything else checked out great. Nothing too eventful at the visit. Can't wait till April 3rd- we will be able to hear your heartbeat!!! Love you baby! :)

All the fun & gory details about morning (noon?)(night?) sickness: LOTS of dry heaving & gagging. Tons of saliva which makes the nausea much worse.

Times of Day when I feel the worst: Off and on all day. But I usually end up feeling the sickest in the morning and evening.

My tummy churns at the mere scent of: NUTS, coffee, cheeseburgers, anything burning, dirty dishes, the bathroom. Sorry Ryan- but sometimes your breath makes me sick.

Foods that generally calm my belly: Bread and water. Fruit and cereal. Anything that I feel like at the moment. Lemons, sour candy... MY FAVE. and current obsession: Sour apple blow pops. YUM.

Cravings and Aversions
My 1st trimester Chart

I've been seriously jonesin' for:
Month 1: CHEESE anything!
Month 2: Not too much... cheese and bread?
Month 3: Sweets... chocolate, fruit, bread, cereal, lemons & sour candy

The thought of eating this is totally repulsive:
Month 1: Pasta
Month 2: Just about everything!!! Especially french fries, nuts and coffee
Month 3: Coffee, pizza, cheeseburgers

My Philosophy when it comes to cravings: Give the belly what it wants.

The weirdest food craving I've had so far is: Hot dogs & chili cheese fries. Little Debbies snacks with peanut butter on them. Lemonade, tangerines, cheese, waffles, mashed potatoes. ANYTHING SOUR!!!!!!!!!

My earliest preggo symptom: Really sore breasts! OUCH! Tired and emotional. Cramping on and off, which can be really scary!!!

My current disposition: A hormonal hurricane. Every day is filled with ups and downs. Worries and anxieties, excitement and happiness. Its a roller coaster ride!

Week 5:
The start of morning sickness!!! It hit like a train! No vomiting yet- but extreme queasiness and nausea. Smells and sights of most foods makes my eyes water and my stomach churn. And having a husband who loves to eat makes it a bit difficult.

Week6: My energy level has been a bit sluggish. Vacationing in Florida was really challenging. All I wanted to do was lay down and rest. I've lost weight because of my constant morning sickness.

Week 7: Ahhh!!! Terrible morning sickness! I've lost weight because of the constant queasies! A few scares this week: bleeding, but Tracey (my midwife) said its okay because its due to the cervical irritation. She prescribed sitz baths.

Week 8: My complexion this week is GREEN.
Other welcome/not so welcome changes: LOTS of saliva- YUCK! Bleeding gums, terrible headaches and the morning sickness. But I DO have the beginnings of a belly!!!!!

Week 9: March 19th, 2007- Episodes of morning sickness continues. Sometimes feels like my eye sockets and mouth are on fire! Hormones!!!!! Sense of smell can be overwhelming at times. Appetite increased! If I hear, see or read about a certain food, I gotta have it!

Week 10: March 28th, 2007- My pants are slightly snug.
Other notable changes this week: Nothing real new... nausea is still very much here- but fatigue is getting better. Had a slight "pink" scare... turned out to be just fine. OOOOH! And I have a tiny baby bump starting :)

Week 11: My biggest preggo symptom is the need to pee! Nausea is starting to become less intense. This has been a very uneventful week... which is a good thing. :)
Music that we've been listening to lately: Jack Johnson
Recent Movie I've seen: Charlottes Web
Book I'm Reading: "The Island" by Heather Graham. Of course lots of pregnancy books too.
Top news story of the moment: The Anna Nicole Smith paternity drama.

Week 12: Bleeding gums and nose, sneezing a TON. Very tired... peeing at night every 2 hours. Nausea is getting better but still here. I HAVE THE LINEA NIGRA (the line of pregnancy!!!!!!!) This week marks the end of my 1st trimester. What a crazy 3 months! I think this baby is going to be quite the handful because of the intensity of all my preggo symptoms. But I've truly enjoyed every moment of being pregnant and wouldn't change it for the world. Now we can tell everyone else- well kind of- I think I'm going to wait until I start to show.

All about my 1st trimester appointments:
March 6th, 2007
Weight gained to date: -8 lbs. due to morning sickness
Belly measurement: BLOATED
Estimated size of you: My arms and legs are like sticks and I've got this expanding, bloated waistline.
Questions/Notes: A very uneventful appointment. Tracey found bleeding from a cervical irritation. No worries though. My next appt. cannot come soon enough! SO excited to hear the heart beat and know officially that I am carrying a life inside.

March 28th, 2007
Weight gained to date: -5 lbs.
Belly measurement: Puffy?
Estimated size of you: Small bump.... almost like a swollen belly.
Questions/Notes: Had to go in early because of pink spotting. I need to ask about 1. The pain in my groin area 2. possible baby flutters 3. terrible gas/constipation pains!!! :(
An AMAZING appointment!!! We heard baby's heartbeat!!!!!! Strong and healthy at 170 bpm. SO AMAZING!!! Also, physically, I'm doing great. Laura said that my cervix is tight and measuring 11 weeks instead of 10! SO exciting! Can't wait to get a visual soon- of the baby that is....

Today is: March 28th, 2007.
It is a day I will never forget because we heard your heartbeat for the first time. It sounded like a galloping horses! It only took about 10 seconds to pick it up... Mom was with me and we both cried. Makes pregnancy seem a little more real. Hearing that beautiful heartbeat was very reassuring. I wish I could listen to it everyday!!!

April 7th: We rented a fetal doppler to try and record the heartbeat. I've tried SO many times but I've only caught it once! This little bean must be quite active because we could not hold the heartbeat! The ONE time I found it thought, it was incredible and worth all that searching! It was 165 bpm and I heard it for about 15 seconds. Very amazing.

When I more or less popped: Laura, my midwife said I popped at 19 weeks.

If and when my bellybutton popped: Around week 24 my belly button half way sticks out. The top part is popped, the bottom is still in there.

I'm starting to feel like Humpty Dumpty.

My thoughts about getting big: There are days when I love being pregnant and others where I wish I could step out of my body for a few days.

My exercise regime: Walking everyday with mom or the dogs. Sometimes daddy and I walk at night... but not too often. I tend to get ligament pains when I am really active. THEY SUCK.

When I wore my first maternity outfit: On May 5th... to the Rosequeen pagent. I wore a polka dot maternity tank top. Made me look very preggo. But it was comfortable!

My fave. maternity outfit: My black stretchy gauchos with a maternity tank top.

I borrowed maternity clothes from: No one. Well on June 30th, I borrowed a dress from my mom thats a lot like a maternity dress. I think I look like a cup cake. But its cute and I needed it for a wedding (that was your wedding Ali!!!)

Record number of days in a row I wore the same heinous pair of stretch pants: Luckily stretchy gaucho pants are in style right now. So I own lots of pairs and rotate them everyday!

Boy or girl?

People say I am carrying: WIDE! haha :)

Everyone thinks you're a:
GIRL... especially Ryan.

Personally I think you're a:
I have days when I swear its a girl but then the next day I'll think its a boy!

My thoughts about finding out if you're a girl or boy before you're born: We're SO excited to find out!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

I have been thinking girl lately because of the heart beat... but now at the last appt. your heart beat was in the 140s. So now I'm thinking boy....

Week that I first felt you fluttering: Maybe week 13-14. I've felt some slight movement.... gas or you? Not sure yet! Standing in line for lemonade at Walmart I felt 2 very strong "flicks." On mothers day (of all days!!) May 13th, I woke up at 5 A.M. and felt TONS of kicking and fluttering.

A description of this new sensation: It is still so faint and subtle. But its very consistent. And unlike anything I've ever felt before. I think the description of popcorn popping would be pretty accurate... although sometimes I can't tell if its a gas bubble or a kick.

First time I felt you hiccup in my belly: Its the cutest thing!!! Week 25- well I *think* I've felt you hiccup! Every once in awhile you'll do this rhythmic shaking type thing. I'm assuming its the huccups but I think you're too tiny to shake my whole belly yet!

DEFINITELY felt hiccups now!!! Week 27 :) Feels like rhythmic kicking! TOO CUTE!

Week that you started to kick noticeably harder: Week 19- within days your kicks got strong enough so that other people can feel you! You've kicked so strongly sometimes that its actually stopped me in my tracks. I LOVE IT!

Times of day you move around the most: In week 18, its been at 5 a.m. You squirm and wiggle all day... but usually your strongest kicking sessions happen in the morning... And sometimes at night. You're def. a morning baby!

Now at week 24 you seem to be a night owl. Lots of movement all night long! And your fave. "hangout" is right on top of my bladder.

I've noticed that these things seem to trigger you to kick or wiggle: Sitting definitely seems to be an active position for you. Eating or drinking Orange juice... or sometimes if I poke at my belly you'll respond with some squirming and kicking.

Our Ultrasound:
Date: 5/30/07
Pregnancy week: 20- HALF WAY THERE!!!!

You are considerably more photogenic at this stage. I could clearly see the following features:
We saw your tiny little feet! And your cute little nose!! You were also moving your lips! The U/S tech said you were sucking and swallowing. Also, you kept bringing your arm up like your were going to suck your thumb.

The BIG question:
You are a: GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cravings & Aversions
My 2nd trimester chart:
I've been seriously Jonesin' for:
Month 4: oranges, spaghetti, and just about anything I see or hear on TV

Month 5: FRUIT!!! Candy, sweets and cheese. My appetite has gone down this month..?

Month 6: Hot dogs, ice cream, WATER!!!!!!!! Paneras (I eat there about 4 times a week) Hot chocolate, cakes, donuts.

The thought of eating this is totally repulsive:
Month 4: Coffee
Month 5: Fast food, coffee
Month 6: Coffee, fast food and rootbeer

My current philosophy when it comes to cravings: Give the belly what it wants. I'm an eating machine.

The weirdest food craving I've had this trimester: Strawberry mini wheats at 10 o'clock at night. LOTS of orange juice (I go through a carton of it in 2 days) pickles, plumbs, candy, sweets, hot chocolate, cake.

Week 13: April 17th, 2007- My mood swings are: totally justified- considering how much my back is aching. STILL going to the bathroom a TON. Morning sickness is leaving... I think... appetite is increasing. I am an organizing freak. My back has been sore and my belly seems to be on the grow.

Week 14: Questions for the doctor: 1. Foods to avoid- hot dogs/deli meat?
2. vitamin C supplements b.c of all the oranges and oj I've been drinking/eating.
3. lifting- how heavy is too heavy?
4. sitting outside in the sun... getting too hot.
5. what can I take for congestion?

Week 15: April 24th, 2007- Now that the hormones have really kicked in, my hair is growing very quickly and on my tummy. LONG, dark hairs... I feel like a gorilla. My linea nigra is there- faint, but there. HUGE appetite for anything. Starting to feel really nervous about the responsibility of being a parent. My belly has really begun to grow and change.

Week 17: May 8th, 2007- My appetite is currently the size of the Louisiana purchase. I've been craving fruit like crazy. O.J., granny smith apples, strawberries, watermelon, etc. Also, Ryan and I discovered a few very faint stretch marks :( I cried... I made Ryan try to scrub them off in the shower.

Week 18: May 18th, 2007- EMILY felt the baby kick today!!!! Eventful week... your kicking has gotten noticeably stronger. On a sad note, my glands are swollen again, prompting an ultrasound. Hopefully all is well and we can at least hear your heartbeat again...which is always a thrill :)

Week 19: May 21st, 2007
The things I miss most about life-before-belly: wine with dinner, a normal size- bladder.
LOTS of kicking. And you're getting strong enough so other people can feel you! Daddy got to feel your strong kicks this week. So did uncle alec... My fave. moments are early in the mornings, when daddy goes to work and you're squirming and kicking like crazy... I watch saved by the bell and just sit there with my hands on the belly...

Week 20: May 30th, 2007- The week of our ultrasound!!!! After we found out you are a little girl, mom (nana) and I went shopping and bought up gymboree!

Week 21: June 9th- I'm most comfy sleeping on: My side.
I now get yo about 4 times a night to pee... You are quite the kicker! At the moment I believe you're only about a pound but you can pack such a punch! I LOVE it! And I can feel you squirm, roll and flip your whole body. AMAZING!

Week 23: June 21st, 2007-
Music that we've been listening to lately: Jack Johnson
Recent movies I've seen: We've been watching some scary ones! Oh we saw Pirates 3 at the theater.
Books I'm reading right now: "The Farm" -really stupid book.
Top news story: Missing pregnant woman "Jessie Davis" Very sad story....

Week 24: June 28th, 2007
This week marks the end of my 2nd trimester.
Reactions: Well, technically I've got a whole month to go before I'm in 3rd tri. But I'm getting so excited to round the last corner of this pregnancy! Overall, 2nd tri. has been really good! hopefully 3rd tri. will be even better!!!

My 2nd Trimester appointments:
Date: 4/26/07 (15 weeks)
Weight gained to date: +5 lbs.
Belly measurements: Uterus is an inch and a half below my belly button.
Questions/Notes: VERY quick but great appointment. Doc. found the heartbeat instantly again! This time it was in the 150 range. He said it was strong, regular and healthy!

Oh I opted out of the prenatal quad screening and CF testing.

Date: May 21st, 2007
Weight gained to date: +7 lbs.
Belly measurement: uterus is up to belly button!
Questions/Notes: UGH. I have to go in because I have swollen glands under my armpits. Ryan got to come with me today! He finally got to hear the heartbeat! which was in the 140s... The lymphnodes were no problem... but we're gonna keep an eye on them. Now the countdown is on for the BIG U/S!

Date: May 30th, 2007
Weight gained to date: +7 lbs.
Belly measurement: 20 cm.
Estimated size of you: 12 oz.
Questions/Notes: Everything looked great! You're measuring 6 days behind but no biggie... you're just gonna be a tiny little girl! Braxton hicks have started. Doc says no more than 6 in an hour and I'm fine. Also, I've started leaking!!! YUCK. But everyone says I'm gonna be a good milk machine... so I guess thats good news!

We were too busy to go to classes!! I think it may be for the better though because hearing about the L&D would probably just make me more anxious.

People seem compelled to touch you: I mind- really didn't think I would, but its a little invasive!

Inexplicable baby/belly nicknames:
MMMbug, Peanut, Baby Bug, she & her (oops if you're a boy) Lil' bean, Lil Boo, Maybug, Baby M.

Actual names we're considering for you:
Samuel Benson

Maeve Rita
Maeve Elizabeth
Maeve Rita-Faith
Maeve Rita-Grace
Maeve Elisabeth
Maeve Adeline
Maeve Adeline-Rita
Maeve Annabelle
We're keeping your name a secret so that way *hopefully* we won't have to hear about everyone's negative opinion.

Cravings & Aversions
My 3rd Trimester Chart:
I've been seriously jonesin' for:
Month 7: chocolate milk, veggies, chocolate milkshakes, slushies

Month 8: Watermelon, frostys, Arbys, chicken salad, fruit

Month 9: eggplant parm. cookies, breakfast foods, OJ

The thought of eating this is totally repulsive:
Month 7: fast food
Month 8: Um, well I will eat just about anything
Month 9: I'll seriously eat anything in front of me.

The weirdest food craving I've had: COKE- regular caffeine free of course! :) Pretzels, apricots, PB& J sandwiches, blueberry pancakes.

Times of day that you move around the most: Def. early mornings like around 5:30/6. And then again at night. But you squirm and wiggle all day long.

More things that seem to trigger movement: EATING! A girl after my own heart- you LOVE chocolate!!! Lots of times after I eat/drink though you get the hiccups. Shining a flashlight at my belly also makes you move. Also, you LOVE the shower! Whenever I take a shower, you start to bump and thump.

I've actually recognized your body parts moving and pushing against my belly: Your head pokes up a lot and your little feet slide all the way down the sides of my stomach. Also, when you roll over, your whole body bubbles up. And daddy loves to point out that my tummy is lopsided.. It's because you like to snuggle up and sleep!!!

When the term Braxton Hicks entered my vocabulary: 20 weeks!!! Seems early but doc. says its okay. They're NO FUN. I tend to get them when I move around a lot... and whenever I go pee!!!!!!!!!! Or if I bend over to fast to pick something up...

Third Trimester Appointments:
Date: 7/23/07
Weight gained to date: +19 lbs. HOLY COW.
Belly measurements: 27.5 weeks
Estimated size of you: 2.5 lbs. 15 inches long
Questions/Notes: Passed the glucose test! Your hb was in the 130s and sounded good. VERY bad hip pain at night. Also, frequent headaches... Doc says it all comes with the territory. I am already counting down the days to to October!!!!!

Date: 8/6/07
Weight gained to date: +28 lbs. (due to nightly milkshakes...)
Belly measurement: 29.5 cm.
Estimated size of you: 3 lbs.
Questions/Notes: Good appt. very uneventful... quick
Heartbeat was strong and in the 150s. You kicked dr. P a few times while he was listening to your hb.
We also talked about kick counts. So far your average is somewhere around 50/60 per hour!!!!

Weight gained to date: 30 lbs. OH MY GOSH
Belly measurement: 31 cm
Questions/Notes: VERY bad anxiety... maybe causing all the heart palps. Anyways Tracy ordered a full cardiac workup. I'm nervous and praying everything is fine.
You, however have a great, strong heartbeat! What a little star! :) I'm so thankful my anxiety isn't effecting you. But I do really need to get a hold of it.

Date: 8/31/2007
Weight gained to date: 30 lbs. Thank GOD did not gain anymore....
Belly measurement: 33.5 cm.
Estimated size of you: 3-4 lbs.
Questions/Notes: Good appt. very quick. We talked about the possibility of going on anxiety meds. Your hb sounded great and you were moving a TON! (I think its because I just ate a donut) I also asked about your very frequent hiccups. Assured that it was okay! Even though you get them 3-4xs a day!!!!

Weight gained to date: 35 lbs. YIKES
Belly measurement: 37 cm.
Estimated size of you: Dr. P said 6 or 6.5 lbs.
Questions/Notes: This week I had lots of contractions and some pink spotting... so Dr. P checked me. I am 1 cm dilated and my cervix is very thick and hard. Poo:( I guess you're just not ready to come out yet.
You kicked dr. P a few times and he was impressed with your movement.
Your heartrate was in the 140s and he said it sounded great!

Weight gained to date: 35 lbs. (maybe i've stopped gaining?)
Belly measurement: 37.5 cm.
Estimated size of you: Laura said 5-5.5 lbs.
Questions/Notes: I told Laura about my fall and she said "You're going up to L& D." It really scared me. But mom was with me and Ryan came later for lunch. I had to be monitored for a minimum of 4 hours but right when I got hooked up to the machines, I started having regular contractions! All the nurses thought I was going into labor. They were 4-5 minutes apart all afternoon. But when the rechecked me I was still only 1 cm and 60% effaced. So they sent me home. False labor I guess... I just want to get this all over and done with!!!!!!

Week 25: 4th of July- TERRIBLE week. UTI causing lots of problems! I HATE those stupid things!

Week 26: July 11th, 2007- (daddys birthday) So far, its been a pretty good week. I've been feeling really sore and yucky in the mornings but I usually start to feel better after lunch. Maybe I'm sleeping wrong or something... On a great note though, your activity has increased even MORE!! I'm not really sure if you're even sleeping at all... But thats alright by me :)

Week 27: 7/17/2007- Right now my husband is feeling: Overwhelmed.
Started feeling hiccups this week!!!!! SO CUTE! you get them for about 10 minutes at a time! And about 4 times a day! You must take after daddy- he gets the hiccups all the time :)

Week 28: 7/25/2007- WOAH!!!!!! July has flown by! Lets see- you've been a bit "lazy" this week which is a bit scary at times... but I have an instinct you're okay b/c of all your hiccups and impressive kick counts. On average about 60 kicks an hour!!! Oh mom and I bought your first tutu this week! Completely adorable!!!
- Valerie Wilcox/Renfrew had her baby this week!!!!! (7/26/07) which makes me want october to be here even sooner!!!!!!!!!!

Week 29: 7/30/07- It is so hot and humid I feel like a giant, swollen, beastly whale. I have a quote to sum up this week: "This too shall pass."

HARD week- anxiety is overwhelming me. I've started getting heart palps. this better go away soon... I wish I could just kick my anxiety to the next century. I HATE IT.

Week 30: 8/6/2007- Appointment was great- HB was in 150's. Having some anxiety issues... whats new???? But doc. has reassured me that all is well and not to worry. Much easier said than done. I am getting so anxious about the birth! Seems like October is forever away!! But you're getting so big and strong... I'm not sure how I'm going to last 2 more months...

Week 31: 8/19/2007
I am now most comfy sleeping: I'll TAKE IT (sleep) ANY WAY I CAN GET IT!!!!!
I am now getting up 3-4 times a night to pee.
UGh.... I am so ready to have this baby already!!!! I want my body and brain back!!! I'm also starting to get a bit depressed about my weight. I still have 8 weeks left and I've gained 30 lbs already!!!!! blahhhhhhhh

Week 32: 8/4/2007- Terrible, awful week. ER visit. I had a racing heart and had to get an ekg, echo and an IV. Good news is, everything checked out fine. And you're doing well... lots of strong movement. I love it! Its the best reassurance in the world!!!

Week 33: 8/31/2007
UGH- getting harder to breathe. Everything is so pushed up! I can't expand my lungs fully!!!

ONE MONTH TO GO!!! I am trying to get daddy and your poppa to finish our house! Also, I've been stocking up on tons of cute baby clothes!

Week 34: 9/5/2007- I've started getting massages which are truly amazing. They help a lot with the tension and anxiety. I think your head has dropped because I really feel like you could pop out at any second. Also your movements are SO STRONG IT HURTS! Sometimes you move my whole belly and in the early mornings when its just me and you, your kicking can shake the bed! NO JOKE!

Week 35: 9/11/07
People say that my belly looks: like its ready to POP.
Anxiety has gotten a little better. You have found your new fave position. Head wedged into my pelvis and your extremities squishing my bladder. This morning I was trying to sleep but you were all over the place punching my very full bladder!

Week 36: 9/17/07 (My birthday)
Really great week! Anxiety has gotten SO much better! And really soon we're gonna be moving! YEA! You have dropped- very low. So much pressure!!!!!! Also, it seems like your activity has picked up even more! You are a non-stop mover! And I can def. tell your feet and hands apart! And your cute little butt.

Week 37: 9/29/2007
Music I've been listening to: Jack Johnson (whats new?)
Recent Movies I've seen: Knocked Up
Books I'm Reading Right now: Lots of preggo books and Jodi Piccoult books.
Top news story: Britney spears and her custody battle

Week 38: 10/1/2007- We've moved in this week and its so nice to have all of our stuff!!! And to have your room all set up! But Sept. 30th, I fell pretty hard on my hands/knees and stomach. Really scary! But my appt. was Oct. 1st so I mentioned it then instead of calling right away. It turns out falling can be pretty dangerous and serious... I got a lecture for not calling immediately... HUGE energy surge!!! I clean and organize like crazy! Getting very anxious about the delivery.

Week 39: 10/9/07- The last few days of this pregnancy! Dr. P said he wants to induce on wed. Oct. 10th. There is still so much to do but I'm so ready! Sometimes I'll get really sad to think she won't be inside me anymore, but I'm so excited to meet her! these past few days have been the most exciting days of my life!

Your name: Maeve Annabelle McKenney
Date & Time of your arrival: 10/11/07 3:00 A.M. (on the dot)
Weight: 6 lbs. 9 oz.
Length: 21.5 inches

How I felt when I first saw you: Complete shock, elation, overwhelmed, in total love. I thought you were the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen! Completely perfect in every way. I was almost on a high from the whole experience. It was absolutely incredible and I can't wait to do it again!!!

How it felt to hold you for the first time: Surreal- the best word to describe it. It was like a dream. Looking back on it, I can hardly even remember exactly what it was like... I just remember you being SO beautiful and perfect. And completely in love.
Oh and I thought you looked just like daddy.

Well that may be the longest post EVER! But it was a ton of fun to read back on all of my pregnancy highs and lows. Every word that I typed was written word for word in my journal... so its very personal but its fun to share :) Ahhh... it kind of makes me want to be pregnant right now...

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