Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Off... with LOTS Of Hesitation

YIKKKKKES!!! I leave for Boston tomorrow morning bright and early, just me and the babe. I am scared to death. My little sister Emily is coming but we're not sitting next to each other on the flight, and to be honest (sorry emily but its the truth!) when it comes to helping out, she isn't the greatest! haha... totally called her out. SORRY! :)
Anyways I will be gone 1 week Friday-Friday. And its gonna be a LOOOONNNG 1 week. At first I was really excited about the trip, but as its gotten closer, I've been having tons of reservations about it. I am sad to be gone from Ryan for that long (I know pathetic. a week right? I gotta get over that one!)I am TERRIFIED of flying with Maeve alone, and my one piece of sanity that I was taking with me was the NEW laptop which is now sitting on the living room floor in a box, getting ready to be shipped back because its BROKEN! The cottage that we're staying at has no phone, no tv, no ac. I feel like a castaway :(
Well wish me luck- pray that I make it there in one piece. And don't think I'm snubbing you if I haven't responded on facebook all week, cause I'm OUTTTTA HERE!
I'll post pics when I get back! SEEEEEE YA!

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Emily said...

excuuuuse me! i would have to say that i did a pretty fantastic job helping out with maeve on the flights. that was not nice to say at all. by the way, i made a stupid blog just so i could post this.