Monday, July 28, 2008

9 Month Stats.

So we were like a week or two late on her 9 month appointment but it was because of Boston... anyways her doc. appointment was this morning and it went really well. I was hesitant to take her back to the doc. because of the last traumatic appointment she had, and frankly she has been such a grouch because of her teeth that I thought it was very possible that shots could push her over the edge...

But I lugged her in this morning and everything went fine. Here are some quick stats for all of you who are wondering if my baby is a giant or not :) haha...

Height: 28 or 29 inches (I think- I can't exactly remember... we were pinning her down and I was really distracted by that) (97th percentile!!!!!!)
Weight: 20.13 lbs. (75th percentile)
She is crawling like a champ, standing on her own, walks with our hands and while holding onto stuff... (like she can walk her way around the coffee table which scares the crap out of me, but its cool...). She is saying "momma," "dadda," and "bobba." Hmm... what else... oh she is def. cutting her teeth but I didn't need the doc. to tell me that.... All in all she is a very healthy girl! :)

She had one finger poke (which she didn't even notice!) and one shot (which she did notice). But it was really funny because she LOVED those band aids the nurse put on her! Like obsessively loved them... She stared at the one on her finger for about 10 minutes- and noticed the one on her leg later in the day. Once she got the nerve up to touch the band aid on her finger it was off within about 2 seconds. And as soon as she caught sight of the one on her thigh she was ripping at that one.

I do have to say though, as well as the shots went, she as been SUPER crabby today. Normally I don't let her fussiness get in the way of plans (I will just tote her little fuss booty along with me :) but jeeeeeeezzzz today it was BAD. I was actually on my way up to Ann Arbor and turned around to come back home because her screaming was so intense!

Thankfully after a nap, a dose of motrin and some cuddling, she is in a much better mood. :) Sometimes its tough to be a baby.

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Kase and Jules said...

What an awesome girl! We need to chat, I miss you biotch.