Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful!


SO... Ryan and I went to our very first Jimmy Buffett concert last night! I have been a self proclaimed parrothead princess for years so I was PSYCHED to go!!! Regardless to say it was an awesome concert... but it was also the most insane, crazy thing I've ever seen!!! I had originally planned on wearing this t-shirt that I had spent hours making which said, "I'm The Woman To Blame" but it was so hot outside, that those darn letters started to peel off the shirt! So I had to just wear a tank top- although I made sure it was nautical looking. Anyways we were geared up to go and driving down the highway when all of a sudden my stupid jeep overheated! It was soooo horribly hot... In order to keep the temp. down on the engine, we had to pump the heat in the car!! UGH... well we finally got there, and while we were waiting to park, it broke down AGAIN! But this time we were in the middle of Landshark territory... it was so embarrassing to say the least. Drunk parrotheads were walking all over the place laughing at our smoking car! :(SAD. We finally parked and started walking through the debris- this is when I was completely taken aback- it was this HUGE parking lot filled with probably 100s of cars all decked out in Jimmy sayings and decorations- it was awesome! Then the smells hit me- everyone (except for Ryan and I) had been drinking since 4 am and so they and the parking lot were COMPLETELY TRASHED. I stepped through so much junk it was unreal! And the lengths these people go to become "Jimmified!" I saw a 6o year old woman (thats my guesstimate) passed out in front of a tree in a Hawaiian mumu and a parrot on her head. Crazy right?? Then some big brawly guy spilled beer all down the backs of my legs.. uggggggg... better than puke though, which I originally thought the splash was. Finally we made it into the actual venue and our seats were really good! Jimmy was awesome, he sang some of my faves. (School Boy Heart, Son of a Sailor, Pirate Looks at 40) it was great!!!!! Anyways, the whole experience was one I will never forget and it has really made me look at alcohol much differently. I think it was a rare occasion for me to be on the OTHER side of the drinking- usually I'm the one peeing behind a tree or tripping my way through the crowds... those people just looked ridiculous- perhaps because they were in their 50s and wearing complete head to toe Hawaiian print and giant parrots on their heads, but personally I think it was because they had been drinking for close to 20 hours!! Still though I really admire Jimmy for his devout following- its pretty cool that so many people are so in love with his life style and his music! I really want to go again but jeez I'm afraid of what I will see in the crowds!!! Oh well, to quote the great one, "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane!"

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