Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maeve's Got The Music in Her!

Ryan and I both have taken piano lessons since we were kids, Ryan has sang and been in choirs for years and he just started playing the guitar about a year ago. As soon as we found out I was preggo, he started playing to my belly. He'd play her a lot of Jack Johnson songs and every time he'd start she'd go wild, flipping and kicking. Then as soon as we had her, he started playing to her in the early mornings. Now, at 8 months, she is mesmerized by that guitar! I have said forever that I want all my kids to take piano and violin, so I am pretty pumped that she is so into music. Well, we were hanging out at the house today- me on the computer checking some airline prices, Ryan on the floor playing the guitar, and Maeve dancing along to the beat, trying to pick at the strings herself. I thought it was really cute... so I caught a video of it. Enjoy! :)

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Kase and Jules said...

Ryan has a GREAT voice!!!!!!!!!! What a cute Daddy :)