Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ear Infections

I have such a hatred towards ear infections. POOR MAEVE! She has had one all week and she's just been the most miserable baby :( Very crabby, sleepy and clingy... I feel horrible that there isn't more that you can do as a parent except squirt in that pink medicine and comfort her as much as you can. But at 8 months, she isn't understanding much of what I'm saying... :) So its been a very rough week. This is her 2nd infection in 8 months but the doctor says that some kids get them on a monthly basis! So Maeve's record of only having 2 is pretty good. Still though, I am worried that this pattern will continue and we'll have to talk tubes and all that good stuff in the future.

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The Pead's said...

Awww that face! Haha. Go to Walgreens and get her some eardrops. I got some really good one's that helped Griff. It are called Similasan Childrens Earache Relief. Try it! Or got to a health food store and get Garlic Oil drops. If you ask someone there, they can help you :) Poor Maevers.