Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Concert-going When You're "Old."

"Morning a mom."

So it's been awhile since Ryan and I had been in the "mosh pit" of a concert.  And no, we're not really "OLD"... but we're older.   Here's what I learned last night:  You must be inebriated to fully enjoy yourself in the pit... otherwise you'll be faced with the following problems:

  • smells... the end.
  • touching. Everyone.  GAHHHH.
  • drunkards with those glassy eyes talking to you during your favorite song....
  • heavy make out sessions that should be taken to the bedroom (or ANYWHERE aside from a pit with hundreds of people crammed in).
  • smells....(I know, its already listed, but I had to jot that one down again.)
  • Trying to take pictures and having those silly drunk kids photo bombing them all... it's not funny dudes!
  • the need to pee.  Forget it.  You move, you lose your spot.  For once in my life I wish I had had a leg bag on.
  •  "fangirling" with all the other 21 year olds... hahahahaha!  I can't keep up.  I just can't.
  • Your husband using your head to rest his arm/beer on.
  • Smells.

No really, we had a great time.  But I feel it today and I had ONE BEER.  This got me thinking; back in the ol' days, why didn't any of the above bother me?  I mean I remember times helping strangers off the floor who were covered in puke and not smelling or caring about anything... whaaa????   The answer is obviously alcohol. And tolerance (my lack of, these days).   At one point during the show a (super) obnoxious drunk girl asked/ (shouted at) me with slurred, stinky breath "WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER THIS????"  My answer- "Home!"  HAHAHA :)

It's days like this, when I really give praise to God for being alive.  How I survived my early 20's?  I'm not sure... well, God's grace.  But wow.

I did have fun acting like a 20 year old for a night.... well, a really boring one I guess since I only had 1 beer and then got annoyed with everyone around me.  It wasn't until I started leaking breast milk that I really felt it, though. 

Can I do it again anytime soon?  I don't think so.  We're going to Counting Crows in June (ultimate...ULTIMATE fave band ever) and I made sure to get "sitting down" seats- close to the stage- but sitting down) hahaha! 

Getting old kind of is for the birds.  And growing old gracefully is really hard.  I've mentioned before I'm at a midlife crisis (age 30?) no.... I don't think so ;)  But being TOTALLY honest here, it's sad watching your body start to fail.  MS diagnosis or not (I'm saying- none of this is MS related...)- I challenge any mom out there to go hold your own with today's youth!  It ain't easy!  I've had four kids.  My stomach will never be flat.  Ever.  Ever, like ever ever.  I have crowsfeet from my days in the sun... the tiredness of raising four kids is always in my eyes (and under them).  Everything is heading south (ladies you know what I'm talking about).  One glass of wine (or draft beer) and I'm good (better than good)... smoke makes me nauseated.   Party pooper.  

As I was dressing last night, I was tucking, pinching, pulling things in and on me, thinking I totally looked the part (what that part was?  A picture I had found on pinterest of someone at Coachella- BAHAHA)... just to arrive to find 500 little 20 year olds with washboard abs, long, flowy hair, legs like flower stems and flawless faces.  The fact is, those days are done.  And I know that.   I do.  But I can't be the only one a teensy bit sad about saying goodbye to their youth... right?  Anyone?  (echoooo)

On the flip side, I refuse to NOT embrace aging.  I will not be one of those moms with half my butt hanging out, drunk, dancing recklessly with my daughters friends (think that mom in "Mean Girls").  Nor will botox be in my future.

So I shall find the middle ground.  I will make peace with the wrinkles and sag.  Say hello (or goodbye) to my memory...(I SWEAR.... I am becoming my mother!  I don't even call my kids by their names because I can't remember them half the time!  "Henry?  Maeve?  Oh- I mean Stella!")  I will rock my thriving thirties look...(whatever that is) enough to make me feel young at heart, old enough to make me not look or act like a fool.  

(this all coming from the girl who posted like 4 selfies last night on IG)...

Sigh...#AGEON! :D

"Ryan!  Take a picture of me in front of this sign so everyone knows we saw Jack Johnson and ALO!  Because they don't know from the 3000 IG pics I just posted!"

At some point, the fancy shoes came off and I gave up... just gave it up.

Jack Johnson... (he really is pretty awesome!)

SELFIE #3 (or somewhere around there)


Ryan literally using my head to balance himself while trying to see more of the stage.  Wha???

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