Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome To (LittleMrsSunshine) Friday Throwdown!! :)

Hey photog lovers of all sorts! 

I am thrilled you've found yourself here!  I've been wanting to do a photo/blog link-up for awhile now.  I just recently finished teaching a basic "How to use your SLR" camera course and thought if anything, this would be a great place for the participants in that class to continue to show off their work.  :)

This "contest" (if you want to call it that...;) is all about the love of photography.  I'm inviting any and all who just love trying to capture that imperfect, perfect picture!   No editing or post processing is required.  Just link up your shots, and throw it down! ;)

Here are the rules for the ThRoWdOwN!
Your picture must contain a child or pet- it doesn't need to be your child or pet.  Basically, no pictures of plants... lol :)
Your picture just can include something as tiny and simple as a kittens whiskers, or a baby's pudgy hand... just make sure something in your picture lets me know there is a kid/animal present. 
Only one submission per person.
No "questionable" pictures.  Meaning.... as a mama of 3, I most definitely think a babe splashing in the sprinkler in their birthday suit is adorable, but I don't want any one participating in this to have a negative experience, and lets face it, there are weirdos out there.  So keep the photos PG :)
To have your photo considered for "judging" you MUST copy and paste the button link below to the post containing your photo entry.

Each Friday, we'll have a new theme.  The goal of this, is basically to get your camera out on a weekly basis and think creatively.  :)
Here it is:
Little {mrs} Sunshine

Once you've grabbed the code, uploaded your chosen picture, its time to link it to this post!

At the bottom of this post there will be a place for you to "submit your link."  Simply put in the link to your picture :) 

Friday Throwdown 1/25/13
Theme:  Delicate
My example of "Delicate:"

Alright friends!  Throwdown your "delicate" themed photo for the week!  Check back NEXT Friday to see if your photo is on top and featured!! 
(5 places will be given:)



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