Friday, January 18, 2013


Obsessing over:  Music.  Getting some answers.  Being brave.  :)
Working on: this monster thing called PHOTOGRAPHY... website, logo, new pricing, new ideas....GAHHHH.  Overwhelmed.
Thinking about: A few friends who are in a tough season right now. 
Anticipating:  Valentines Day... I am such a sucker for it.
Listening to:  Jenny Lewis- Um..... she is SO good. 
Drinking: Water :D
Wishing:  Oh wishing...wish; it's a stinging word, right?  Lets see:  I wish cancer didn't exist.  I wish I could have a huge family and not stress over money.  I wish I could untie my tongue and get words out that are floating around in my head, pressing hard to be put on paper.  I wish we had a king sized bed.  I wish my kids napped.  I wish calories meant nothing.  I wish laundry did itself.  I wish I was 15 pounds lighter.  I wish I could dance like a ROCKSTARRRR!  haha :)  instead of the video posted below... ahem.
 And for the record... I had three drinks.  THREE- in a span of about 6 hours.  Lightweight much?  Yeah. I know.  But it was a super fun night with my sisters, hubby and cousins. :) 

Also if you don't have these 3 songs on your ipod, there's something seriously wrong:
1.  Samson- Regina Spektor
2. 9 Crimes- Damien Rice
3.  Emmylou-  First Aid Kit
you're welcome :)_
Happy FRIDAY!!!

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