Sunday, October 14, 2012

You Don't Know Me

Have you heard this song?  It's really good.  And its called "You Don't Know Me."

Did I trick you in coming here?  Thinking you were about to get a giant vented, drama peppered post about how "now wait a hot second, you don't know me!" 

Not the case.  Sorry.   I know, drama is way more entertaining than this.  But my mind has turned into mush.

A fellow bloggy friend recently did a post about some random facts/info about herself.  It was interesting to read about the woman behind the words.   And I know like 120 out of the 150 readers know me... but  just deal.

 Have you heard my sweet two year old little man has had a raging high fever for 5 days now?  Yep.  And its kind of bringing the whole house down.  Thankfully nobody else is physically sick, but Henry is our wild, nutso-jump off of tables- always good for a laugh- kid and he's down for the count.  It's sad to see.  We're taking him back into the doctor and I know tests will be ordered (I spoke with the on call doc today)... I'm already dreading it.  Holding your child down for pokes and other various traumatic "doctorish" things is on my list of most hated things.

Wanna know what else is on my list of "most hated things?"  Because I have one;  A list that is.  Of hated things.  Everyone should have one.  It feels good to write, exposing them.  Here's my list of hated things:


  • snakes
  • cancer.... all cancer is devastating but cancer in kids... well, I don't have words for that.
  • Nickleback
  • when Pandora song bombs a great slew of songs with some crazy, off song by Creed.  (no offense to Creed lovers... but they don't fit in with my folk/woodsy/natural vibe I've got going)
  • zits.  I'm breaking out really bad right now.  Poo.
  • writers block. 
  • kidney stones
  • knowing someone is hurting
  • word vomit.  I'm a victim of it.  Hand in the air... but come on people, enough with the "You know how babies are made, right?" comments.... I don't need 'em.  And I've been chalking it up to the inability to control your tongue, your word vomit, but at some point I'm going to snap and say "Listen here mister.  You lack some major tact."  
  • being grouped into a category.  "Oh, you suffer from depression and anxiety?  I'm sorry you're crazy."  Okay, so nobody has ever said that to me (thank God, not yet, anyway)  But there's such a stigma attached to both anxiety and depression.  My mission is to smash it. 
  • St. Augustine traffic.  Holy.  It's bad.  And when I'm riding solo, on my way to work, Mondays and Wednesdays, I let some choice words slip. 
  • cleaning the cat's litter box.  It's flipping nasty.
  • milk
  • POLITICAL SEASON.  Politics aren't my thing.  But I respect that this country has fought hard for where we're at today, and the rights, the freedom we have in speech and voting is a privilege.  And I certainly don't take that for granted or snuff it off.  But I hate the ugliness that accompanies this particular time of year.  My facebook feed is filled with so much crap right now.  Someone start posting some dang rainbow pics or something...  or cupcakes... or cuddly puppies.
  • the sound of football/baseball/basketball on the tv.  It's the most obnoxious white noise ever.  But I love my husband dearly, and well, he loves his sports dearly.  So I cope.
  • being pitied.  What a pathetic feeling, right?  Ugh. 
  • regrets.  That Nike slogan has it all right.  "Just Do It."
  • those 1-800-BAD DRUG commercials.  Oh. My. GOOODNESS.  Have you seen these? 
  • Irish Car bombs

And now to feng shui this blog post, I shall now list things I love.... ;)

  • Kelle Hampton and her blog.  I bought her book "Bloom" months ago and was sorely disappointed.  I had never heard of her before, and after reading it I was left with this kind of sick feeling;  the good that could have come out of that book- the message behind it, is could have been so powerful.  But the book felt very materialistic, pushed, fake.  However, I was interested in Kelle herself, so I looked up her blog and realized her book and blog are night and day.  Her blog is fabulous with a capitol F.  Her writing is flawless.  Her pictures speak volumes.  And okay, I'm obsessed with her kids' names... (you know I have a penchant for awesome kids names) and I wish I could pull off bangs and red lipstick like she can.
  •   8 o'clock coffee with a ton of cream
  • homeschooling afternoons with Maeve.  Right now we're doing Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  It's such a special time and all of my fears about homeschooling seem to dim while watching my girl write her letters, making connections.  She's brilliant.
  • Stella's hair. 
  • quilts
  • my fall candles which are easily raising the temperature in my room by 10 degrees, but the smell is worth it.
  • having GIRLS.  Sisters.  It's the most beautiful thing, tucking them in at night, saying "goodnight girls."  The giggles floating down the hall, bring me right smack dab back to my childhood days of sharing bunk beds with my sissys.  Ryan and I are most definitely wanting a fourth baby.  And though, it will (hopefully...) down the road; meaning Stella's out of diapers, I'm already hoping for a boy so Henry can experience what his sisters are. 
  • thrifting.  It's an obsession. 
  • freshly shaved legs
  • quilts
  • hugs from my dad
  • chicken scratched notes from Ryan, "Ash, I need deodorant.  Thanks babe.  Love you."
  • meatballs... Swedish meatballs to be exact.
  • that I have a friend who prays with me, before anything is even said.  I can call her anytime, anywhere, and before we even start to hash out the problem, she prays.    Just today, I had texted her saying Henry was sick, within a few minutes the phone was ringing and she was on the other end, "Ash, lets pray and then tell me all about it." What a special friendship God's given us.
  • my sisters.  my brothers.  oh how I miss them all.
  • that my parents ignored the stares, stereotypes, small town talk and had a "huge" family of 5.  They couldn't have given us a better gift.  And I'm determined to do the same for my kids.
  • BED TIME!!!! :D

I hope this riveting post met all of your expectations.  I know, I know... it was pretty great, deep and intense.  Take a moment to absorb it all and leave a comment.  ;)

In the meantime, check out AppleJack Apparel.  BIG stuff happening with this amazing company soon... on this blog... and I am like crazy excited.  There are two beautiful, shiny, mermaid tails sitting on top of my dresser... stay tuned!

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