Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fruit Infused Water Tutorial

(written Monday night!)

I am working (slowly but surely!) on Stella's giant birthday post.

A billion pictures were taken and countless sweet words spoken, all which need to be documented and remembered.

Tonight though, I (try and) sleep.  Tomorrow I go back under the knife  (or laser beam, same difference right)?  Again, I'd appreciate any and all prayers!  I'm a nervous wreck.  It's a little bit scarier to go into surgery for "shock therapy" verses a scope.  Ugh.  I'll be thankful when this nightmare is over.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick how-to/tutorial!  It's been the biggest hit around our house and my kids, who are normally juice/milk drinkers, have suddenly turned into water fans!  YAY :)

Here's what  you'll need to infuse your water:

-a big pot of boiling water
-fruit of your choice (faves at our place have been watermelon, cucumber, canteloupe, and blueberry lemon)
-LOTS of ice
-a pretty pitcher (or not pretty...)

Step One:
Boil your big pot of water (love the exact measurements?)

Step Two:
Chop up your fruit of choice.  If I'm using cucumbers or lemons, I thinly slice them just for decorative purposes.  Melons, I cube.  After your fruits cut, throw it in the pretty pitcher.

Step Three: 
(SUPER) carefully pour the hot water over your chopped up fruit.  (this is slightly scary.  especially if you're me and a complete walking hazard in the kitchen)

Step Four:
Get your "ton of" ice and dump that on top of everything.

Step Five:
Watch the fruit infusion begin!  :)


And lastly, enjoy your fruit infused water.

Oh!  And if you do indeed make this, please leave me your fruit combo!  I'd love to hear your ideas! :)

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carter kostler said...

Hi, My name is Carter and I am a 14 year old entrepreneur who is a 100% supporter of fruit infused water.

After watching “super size me”, I began to research about the negative health effects of soda and juice. Diabetes and obesity sound like terrible diseases. My mother, however, was not following this trend. She would create pitchers of water infused with fruit and drink that through out her day instead. However, when she would run out of the house, she would grab a diet coke or plastic water bottle. I asked my mom "why don't you make spa water to go and she said she could not" There was not a good fruit infused water bottle out there. One where you could cut up your fruit wand watch it float but not have it float to the top and clog the mouth piece.

I saw the need to make a sustainable, portable version of these pitchers for people on the go. Unfortunately, the only other option for health conscious people is for them to buy plain water or plastic bottles of artificially flavored and sweetened water beverages.

Six months ago I started to create the Define Bottle. The Define Bottle is a cutting edge, glass and bamboo reusable water bottle for great tasting fruit infused water. I took the idea behind fruit infused water pitchers and made it mobile, not to mention stylish.

Fruit Infused water is great for kids too. I have 3 younger siblings and they are nuts over it!